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Develop integrations with third-party and custom apps and services

Visual Studio Online is a cloud service built on Microsoft Azure for helping teams plan, develop, test, release, and monitor applications and services. Learn more about Visual Studio Online. Although Visual Studio Online provides many powerful capabilities, there are times when integration is needed with third-party apps, services, and tools and with custom tools. Visual Studio Online provides the capabilities for integrating with other tools and services.

  • Integrate with many of the most popular cloud services like Trello, GitHub, Jenkins, HipChat, and more
  • Develop custom apps and services that extend the power of Visual Studio Online
  • Enable Visual Studio Online to be the hub of development in your organization

Need to integrate your existing service with Visual Studio Online? Visual Studio Online helps you authorize users to grant your app or service access to their data and perform operations and get notified when events happen. Visual Studio Online supports industry-standard authentication and authorization technologies and provides JSON-based REST APIs and service hooks.


Visual Studio Online enables you to build and integrate with great apps and services that enhance the overall development experience. Here are some examples of the type of integration possible:

Access infomation: users are able to search for a bug and read details about it using a custom mobile app

Drive actions on external services: A continuous integration build on an external cloud service is automatically kicked off after code is pushed to a Git repository on Visual Studio Online

Inter-service task automation: users are able to configures a new integration (using a service like Zapier) to create a work item in Visual Studio Online when a support ticket is opened in another system

Notifications: push notifications are sent to the mobile devices of the dev/ops team when a high priority bug is opened against the production service

Integrate with on-premises services: a bug closed by a developer in Visual Studio Online closes an associated bug in the team's on-premises instance of Team Foundation Server


Need to get the details about the most recent build, the last 5 commits to a Git repository, or the list of projects a user has access to? With the REST APIs provided for Visual Studio Online, now you can. Extend the power of Visual Studio Online from your apps and services with industry-standard RESTful APIs.

  • Lightweight and easy to work with JSON REST APIs
  • Create and query work items, queue a build, get recent team room messages, access source code, and more.
  • Integrate from virtually any device, platform, or technology stack, including Windows, Android, iOS, Node.js, and more.

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Need to access information and perform operations on Visual Studio Online on behalf of a user? With OAuth 2.0 support in Visual Studio Online, now you can. Give Visual Studio Online users the ability to safely grant your app or service access to their resources.

  • OAuth 2.0-based authorization
  • Safer and more secure compared to basic authentication
  • Make REST API calls on behalf of Visual Studio Online users
  • General purpose scope provides full API access

Authorizing with OAuth

Register your app

Service hooks

Service hooks provides the ability for your app or service to get notified instantly when an event happens in Visual Studio Online. Service hooks lets your app or service avoid continuously polling to check for new resources, like completed builds.

  • Know instantly when work items are created or updated, code is check-in, a build completes, and more
  • Avoid constantly polling Visual Studio Online to check for new or updated resources
  • Receive events on secure HTTP endpoints, Azure Service Bus queues, or via other services
  • Create and manage service hook subscriptions for your users with REST APIs

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