Extend Team Services

Build awesome extensions and integrations

  • REST APIs with libraries for .NET, Node.js, and more
  • Extensions to create seamless experiences with other tools and services
  • Web hooks to enable robust integration
  • Common APIs across cloud and on-premises
Extend and integrate

Most features described here are also available on-premises through Team Foundation Server.

Your language


Lightweight and easy to work with

Extend the power of Visual Studio Team Services from your apps and services with industry-standard RESTful APIs. Integrate from virtually any device, platform, or technology stack, including Windows, Android, iOS, Node.js, and more.


Create new experiences

Extensions enable individual developers, partners, and teams to create first-class, integrated experiences within Visual Studio Team Services. Users can discover and install extensions via the new Visual Studio Marketplace.

* This feature is currently only available in Team Services.

Modern extensions
Adaptable and open

Service Hooks

Instant notifications

Enable new integration scenarios between your application and Visual Studio Team Services by subscribing for events instead of constantly polling for them. Service hooks also provides rich event payloads so you can relate artifacts seamlessly.

Partner program

Amplify your business

The Visual Studio Partner Program enables you to maximize your commercial success by providing you with extensive technical resources, previews of upcoming technologies, and a broad marketing reach.

Continuous Deployment

New and noteworthy

Visual Studio Team Services is always getting better. New updates are available every three weeks. See what’s new and what’s in store


What is Visual Studio Team Services

Cloud services for development teams to collaborate and manage software projects.

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