MSDN Subscriber Support Options

Get professional technical support

Use your technical support benefits to resolve technical break-fix issues in a non-production environment or to find a solution to a production issue if you can replicate that issue in a non-production environment. You receive up to 4 incidents, depending on your subscription level.
tech support option

Online chat to help you navigate through MSDN

Occasionally, you may need a little help finding information on Our online chat will direct you to what you need when you need it.
online chat option

Ask a community of experts

As an MSDN subscriber you receive priority support in select MSDN forums - a Microsoft engineer will respond within 2 business days to your posting if the community hasn't already answered your question.
ask community option

Get help with MSDN subscriptions

The MSDN customer service team is here to help you with your account management and subscription questions. If you need help with the billing, purchasing, renewal, activation or usage of your subscription, let us know. We can also provide assistance with managing subscriptions under a Volume Licensing agreement.
msdn subscription option