Debugging Diagnostics

Debugging & Diagnostics

A modern set of tools which enable debugging and diagnostics for all applications

With Visual Studio 2013 developers are empowered with a variety of tools that help them develop, optimize, debug and diagnose applications no matter the chosen platform or language. The Visual Studio Integrated Debugger provides a first class experience enabling features such as breaking code execution to inspect flow & memory values, the ability to debug against remote servers or devices and a great experience for understating and resolving Exceptions. For optimizing the software, Visual Studio provides the Performance and Diagnostics Hub, which makes it easy to find performance bottlenecks in your app. When software is deployed, developers and operations can work together to collect IntelliTrace performance and Exception logs that greatly reduce the complexity of debugging issues in production environments, and can be setup to facilitate proactive monitoring in combination with System Center and Team Foundation Server.

Advanced Debugger

Visual Studio Integrated Debugger

  • Set breakpoints, optimize your code, and resolve errors
  • Debug projects locally or on remote devices
  • Understand Exceptions through rich actionable information
  • Change the code without restarting with Edit and Continue

Advance Debugger Features

  • Advanced Multithreaded Debugging
  • Debug DirectX games and apps using Graphical debugging tools
  • Historical Debugging using IntelliTrace

Code Map with Debugger Integration

  • Use Code Maps with Debugger Integration to visualize code execution
  • Understand code flow across debugging sessions
  • Navigate to code directly from the Code Map
  • Add notes and share with others on your team

Profiling & Optimization

Performance & Diagnostics Hub

  • A unified location for Performance & Diagnostic tools
  • Automatic filtering of tools compatible with your active project
  • Analyze apps in your solution, those that are installed or on remote devices

Profiling & Optimization Tools

  • CPU Sampling & Performance Wizard for .NET applications
  • JavaScript Profiler for web projects
  • JavaScript Memory Analyzer, UI Responsiveness and Energy Consumption for Windows Store apps

.NET – Managed Memory Analysis

  • Analyze dump files to understand memory usage or find leaks
  • Inspect heap, sort through objects and get insight into object count & size
  • Navigate to source code from Objects in memory
  • Spot memory usage changes by comparing multiple captures

Website Development

HTML & JavaScript Debugging

  • JavaScript Debugging with Breakpoints and rich data tips
  • Debug JavaScript & Native Code in the same session
  • Spot errors early in HTML through schema validation

Page Inspector

  • Use Page Inspector to decompose page output to identify and fix issues
  • Select any element in the browser and directly navigate to the server side code generating it
  • Edit an element associated with CSS refresh in real-time

Browser Link

  • Connects Visual Studio simultaneously to one or more Web Browser for debugging
  • No need to re-launch the browser after code changes, refresh content with a single command
  • When editing CSS, saving changes automatically refreshes in connected browsers

Production Diagnostics & Monitoring

IntelliTrace in Production

  • Collect IntelliTrace data in production using Microsoft Monitoring Agent
  • Simulate a debugging session within Visual Studio with the collected IntelliTrace logs
  • View activity leading up to a problem including Exceptions, Logged Events and SQL Statements

Microsoft Monitor Agent

  • Monitor application health in any environment
  • Collect logs on performance and application Exceptions
  • Can be used as stand-alone collector or deployed through System Center
  • Saves all captured events to IntelliTrace log files for analysis using Visual Studio Ultimate

Capturing & Analyzing Performance Events using IntelliTrace Performance Indicators and System Center 2012 R2

The new IntelliTrace Performance Indicators provide valuable diagnostic data in both pre-production and production environments to analyze potential bottlenecks or undesirable user experiences for your websites, web applications or services. In this video you’ll learn how to configure performance monitoring for a deployed website to look for possible performance issue and analyze the capture data using Visual Studio Ultimate

Introducing the new Performance and Diagnostic Hub

The new Performance and Diagnostics Hub makes it easy to find performance and diagnostics tools from a single place. In this video, with Dan Taylor, you’ll learn how the hub can be used to run tools such as Energy Consumption profiler, which enables developers to estimate how much power their app will cause the device to consume, and the XAML UI Responsiveness tool, which is focused on profiling the responsiveness of Windows Store apps

.NET Managed Memory Debugging

One of the issues that frequently affects .NET applications running in production environments is problems with their memory use. In this video, with Andrew Hall, you’ll learn about a new feature we’ve introduced in Visual Studio 2013 to help you understand the .NET memory use of your applications from .dmp files collected on production machines

Improved Debugging for Async Applications with Visual Studio 2013

Asynchronous programming helps developers build .NET & Windows Store apps avoid performance bottlenecks and increase application responsiveness. In this video, with Brad Sullivan, you’ll learn how asynchronous debugging has been improved in Visual Studio 2013 with capabilities such as detailed callstacks on breakpoints and other diagnostic information

Find debugging and diagnostics features in Visual Studio

Professional 2013 with MSDN

With Visual Studio Professional with MSDN, you can create applications across devices and services, using a single solution with a consistent development experience—whether you’re creating five-star consumer experiences or modernizing your business applications.

  • Use a unified solution
  • Support web development
  • Improve productivity with an integrated environment
  • Support line-of-business development
  • Receive the MSDN Subscription level for Visual Studio Professional
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Ultimate 2013 with MSDN

Created for enterprise-class development, Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN helps your team handle demanding requirements like high availability, performance, scale, and complexity.

  • Quickly get the information you need, in context
  • Use IntelliTrace for historical debugging, even in production
  • Test to ensure scalability and performance in production
  • Visualize the structure of an application with UML diagrams
  • Describe and enforce architectural dependencies
  • Use tools to understand the relationships in existing code
  • Receive the MSDN Subscription level for Visual Studio Ultimate.
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