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Create applications across the desktop, devices, and the cloud

Visual Studio 2013 offers a unified development environment for building applications targeting the full range of Microsoft platforms such as desktop, Windows Store and Windows Phone apps, as well as mobile web apps, web applications and cloud services, and much more. No matter your choice of programming language, the application you target, or whether you are modernizing an existing client / server application or developing a new cloud service across devices, Visual Studio provides the development environment you need.

Building Windows Applications

Windows Desktop

  • Create rich and powerful desktop applications using .NET and managed languages or C++
  • Create sophisticated and beautiful user interfaces targeting Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) desktop applications using Visual Studio IDE and Blend design tooling for XAML
  • Take advantage of full Windows capabilities through the .NET Framework and use Visual Studio to create software that target WPF, Windows Forms or other desktop technologies
  • Build native Windows applications with Visual Studio and C++ to optimize for graphics-intense applications and games

Embedded Applications

  • Build embedded applications for intelligent systems that run on a family of Windows Embedded products
  • Develop applications for Windows Embedded 8 to create rich multi-touch experiences
  • Create mobile solutions for Windows Embedded 8 Handheld, such as point-of-service or mobile data and capture scanning
  • Create Windows Embedded applications using C++ or the .NET Framework and the managed language of your choice such as C# or VB

Universal Windows Apps

  • Create Windows Store apps that reach millions of devices and work across dozens of form factors, including Windows Phone
  • Leverage your existing skills by writing apps using the language of your choice such as JavaScript, HTML, C#, VB, XAML, C++ or DirectX
  • Develop compelling looking Windows Store Apps using HTML or XAML and take advantage of Blend design-centric tooling to create rich user interfaces
  • Leverage powerful debugging and profiling capabilities of Visual Studio including performance and diagnostic hub analyzers such as CPU, Memory and UI Responsiveness
  • Create connected Windows Store Apps by enabling Live Tile and Push Notifications through Microsoft Azure

Windows Phone

  • Build Windows Phone apps powered by Windows Runtime using C#, VB, C++ and XAML, HTML & JavaScript or DirectX to develop games
  • Build Windows Phone apps powered by Silverlight using C#, VB, or C++, and use XAML to create rich interfaces or DirectX to develop games
  • Use advanced debugging capabilities such as Windows Phone Emulator, Performance Profiling, Network Simulation and the Integrated Debugger
  • Create connected Windows Store Apps by enabling Live Tile and Push Notifications through Microsoft Azure
  • Leverage Portable Class Libraries to share code across multiple platforms, such as Windows and Windows Phone

Building Websites and Services

Websites and Services

  • Create web applications and services using Microsoft’s powerful web framework, ASP.NET
  • Build dynamic, standards compliant web applications using ASP.NET MVC, SignalR for real-time communication, or Web API to create REST-ful services
  • Rapidly develop websites with ASP.NET WebForms in a powerful design-time environment with user controls and a familiar event-driven model
  • Easily design for the web with an advanced HTML and JavaScript editor with IntelliSense and schema validation support
  • Test across multiple browsers and resolve issues using capabilities such as Integrated Debugger, Page Inspector, and Browser Link

Windows Azure – Build for the cloud

  • Create, debug, deploy, and manage Windows Azure services from within Visual Studio
  • Build web applications or services that leverage the broad range of Windows Azure hosting and scaling capabilities
  • Take advantage of Windows Azure services, such as Cloud Active Directory, Big Data with HDInsight, cloud storage and CDN, or SQL Database
  • Use Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to host your own virtual machines or leverage MSDN subscriber dev/test benefits
  • Enhance your applications even further using Bing Platform capabilities such as Speech Recognition, Mapping, Machine Translation, Web Search or OCR 

Business Productivity Applications

Office and SharePoint development

  • Develop Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 apps using HTML and JavaScript, and a backend technology such as ASP.NET, and then host them in Windows Azure or your datacenter
  • Integrate your business applications by creating add-ins for Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Project, or build solutions for SharePoint
  • Easily create Office 365 Cloud Business Apps to build line-of-business applications that integrate with Office 365 services and Windows Azure
  • Publish your apps to your corporate app catalog, or distribute them through the Office Store

Rapid LOB development

  • Quickly create business applications with LightSwitch projects
  • Visually define your data model, connect to enterprise data, add custom business logic and expose it as standard services that can be consumed on any device
  • Build professional-quality user interfaces across desktops and mobile devices that seamlessly connect to your services
  • Flexible deployment and cloud hosting options including Azure and Office 365

A better Visual Studio for XAML development

In Visual Studio 2013 XAML gets better for all developers, as a top request from many of our customers the best XAML editor improvements are now available for Windows Phone, Windows Store, WPF and Silverlight projects. In this video, Dante Gagne will demo these improvements and learn how they will make your XAML editing experience more productive

Introducing Visual Studio 2013 for Windows Store Developers building HTML Apps

Windows Store developers using HTML/WinJS to build their apps get many new features in Visual Studio 2013. In this video Amanda Silver will talk about which new design-time features make building modern apps even easier in both Visual Studio and Blend

What’s new for Web Developers in Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2013 brings with it many innovations for building, styling and debugging web applications & services. In this video, Scott Hanselman will demo the new unified project type known as One ASP.NET, new advanced debugging capabilities through Browser Link and other tooling enhancements for HTML and JavaScript development

Find development platform support features in Visual Studio

Express 2015

The fastest way to start developing applications for Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, the web or the cloud. Visual Studio Express products provide a free development environment to develop applications for the latest platforms. Since it is Visual Studio, applications created in Express can be supported in other versions of Visual Studio as your needs grow. Platforms supported:
  • Web
  • Windows
  • Windows Desktop
  • Windows Phone

Professional 2015

With Visual Studio Professional with MSDN, you can create applications across devices and services, using a single solution with a consistent development experience—whether you’re creating five-star consumer experiences or modernizing your business applications.
  • Use a unified solution
  • Support web development
  • Improve productivity with an integrated environment
  • Support line-of-business development
  • Receive the MSDN Subscription level for Visual Studio Professional.
Professional 2015