Visual Studio IDE

Editing Your Code

Write code, navigate and fix issues effectively

  • Code with confidence in your chosen language
  • Navigate even in complex code, without losing your context
  • Understand your code without leaving it
  • Find and eliminate code related issues
  • Refactor with ease
  • Take your settings with you
  • Choose the perfect screen layout …wherever you’re working
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Code with confidence

Get help right where you need it

Visual Studio guides you as you write code, no matter what language you use, from C#/VB and C++ to JavaScript and Python, with live assistance

IntelliSense describes APIs as you type, auto-completing to increase speed and accuracy. Quick Info tool tips let you inspect API definitions, and “Squiggles” let you know about issues, often showing them as you type.

Code with confidence in your chosen language

Navigate without losing context

Don’t lose your place as you explore…

Finding your way around in a large code base can be challenging. Visual Studio helps you find your way around more easily, without losing the context of the code or markup you started from, with capabilities like Peek to definition, Navigate To and Quick Find.

Enhanced Scrollbar’s 10,000 ft structural view of your code file lets you can quickly home in on issues.

See the object structure of your code easily with inline object browsing in the solution explorer, and quickly search for files in your solution.

 Navigate your code without losing context 

Understand your code without leaving it

The big picture, right where you are

There’s no need to leave your code to quickly understand its call structure and navigate to related functions with Code Lens. Code Lens goes much further: you can find out who last modified a method, or whether its tests are passing, from right where you are in your code.

Understand your code without leaving it  

Find and eliminate code-related issues

Get to the heart of issues & find fixes

Light bulbs help you identify and fix common coding issues, in many cases "live" as you type your code, and take quick code actions (like refactoring, implementing interfaces and more) from right inside the editor

Find and eliminate code-related issues 

Find and eliminate code-related issues

Get to the heart of issues & find fixes

Error List is your “one-stop-shop” for navigating and correcting code-related issues in your solution, whatever their source, from compile and build to code analysis issues. Some languages support live custom "Analyzers" to spot domain-specific issues as you type

Use advanced filtering to focus on the problem at hand, navigate to it and make your fix.

Click Code Link or press F1 on an error to search for web content to help resolve your issues

Find and eliminate code-related issues 

Refactor with ease

Let the IDE take the strain

As your project grows, chances are you’ll find yourself restructuring and refactoring code you or someone else wrote earlier. That’s a whole lot easier when Visual Studio takes care of the heavy lifting for you.

Several languages, including C#, VB and now C++, support powerful built-in refactoring options such extract method, and rename, via the “Quick Actions” menu in the Visual Studio Editor.

Refactor with ease

Settings go with you

…wherever you go!

We know that setting up your environment in just the way you need it is a task you want to do only once - so we’ve made sure those settings roam with you when you log in to Visual Studio. In addition we will roam identities you may be using for accessing different developer services (such as Azure accounts) so you only need to enter those credentials once.

Take your settings with you  

Choose the perfect screen layout

…wherever you’re working!

Got a favorite screen layout for working on your multi-monitor desktop, and another you use for your laptop? No problem! Now you can save and apply custom screen layouts that work great for particular machines or tasks.

Choose the perfect Screen Layout  

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Extending Visual Studio

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