Integrated Development Environment

A powerful environment for creating modern applications

A clean, fast and powerful development environment will let you focus on creating value and accomplish tasks quicker. Visual Studio consolidates all tasks involved in a software development project into a single integrated development environment with innovative capabilities to make development more productive for any application that you target.

Core Capabilities

Customizable & Unified

  • The Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) consolidates all development tasks into one tool
  • Visual Studio is highly customizable: multi-monitor support with continuous layouts across sessions and hundreds of configurable settings that synchronizes across devices
  • With a powerful Integrated Debugger, IntelliTrace, Performance & Diagnostic Hub and profiling tools Visual Studio delivers a full set of capabilities needed to build and optimize your apps
  • Project round-tripping supports teams working on different versions, allowing them to upgrade Visual Studio at their own pace.
  • Visual Studio is built with deep Extensibility, giving developers and partners the ability to integrate their own tooling & SDKs – with thousands of extensions available today

Connected Experience

  • The Visual Studio IDE is a connected experience that enables team collaboration, working across devices and the ability to deploy to and manage remote systems
  • The Connected IDE experience makes working across devices easier, enabling synchronized settings and seamless Team Explorer connectivity to Visual Studio Online
  • With Team Explorer developers can connect to Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Online to collaborate, share source code, or request code reviews
  • With Server Explorer developers can interact with remote servers such as SQL Server and SharePoint. Microsoft Azure SDK extends it to remote Azure services such as Websites, SQL Databases, Virtual Machines, etc.

Develop & Design

The Code Editor

  • In Visual Studio, the Code Editor supports languages such as C#, VB.NET, C++, HTML, JavaScript, XAML, SQL and more – all with syntax highlighting & IntelliSense code completion
  • CodeLens (Ultimate only) shows code information in the editor, so you stay focused on your work. Easily find references and unit tests that are passing or failing. Plus, get change history for methods and classes when you use Team Foundation Server version control or Git. And, you can communicate with your team from the editor with Lync
  • Code Map makes it easy to understand your code's design. Create code maps directly from the editor so you can visualize references alongside the code. See Architecture, Design, and Modeling
  • Other productivity features include: Peek Definition for in-line reference review, powerful code refactoring tooling and capabilities to detect duplicate code

Design Compelling Applications using Blend

  • With Blend for Visual Studio developers & designers are provided with an advanced design-centric tool for building Desktop (WPF), Silverlight, Windows Phone and Windows Store Apps
  • For Windows Store developers building HTML apps, Blend provides a rich toolset and high-fidelity design surface for authoring HTML & CSS, easily and predictably
  • For Windows Store developers building XAML apps Blend, provides a powerful design surface to create and test beautiful store apps
  • For Windows Phone, Silverlight and WPF developers Blend is a powerful tool for building beautiful applications
  • Connecting Blend to Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Online enables designers and developers to collaborate with the team through source code and ALM capabilities

What's new in Visual Studio 2013 Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

With Visual Studio 2013 it just gets better when your IDE is connected. New roaming support, notifications and a new Visual Studio Updates experience means you get fixes and features sooner. In this video, Cathy Sullivan will demonstrate many of the new productivity improvements, how Visual Studio takes understanding your code to the next level, and other IDE enhancements

Improved developer productivity using CodeLens (Ultimate only)

CodeLens provides deep insights into your code as you work on it, right in the editor via fighter-pilot style head-up-displays. In this video, David Starr shows how CodeLens and Team Foundation Server 2013 make understanding source code and collaboration a lot easier and bring new productivity without leaving the code editor

Code Editor Enhancements for all developers

The Visual Studio Code Editor is the heart of a developer’s day-to-day experience. In this video, Ala Shiban shows what new editor capabilities have been added to make development even easier, and new features such as enhanced scrollbars, peek definition, auto bracket completion and more

Find IDE features in Visual Studio

Express 2013

The fastest way to start developing applications for Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, the web or the cloud. Visual Studio Express products provide a free development environment to develop applications for the latest platforms. Since it is Visual Studio, applications created in Express can be supported in other versions of Visual Studio as your needs grow. Platforms supported:
  • Web
  • Windows
  • Windows Desktop
  • Windows Phone
PT rgb VSExpress2013

Professional 2013 with MSDN

With Visual Studio Professional with MSDN, you can create applications across devices and services, using a single solution with a consistent development experience—whether you’re creating five-star consumer experiences or modernizing your business applications.
  • Use a unified solution
  • Support web development
  • Improve productivity with an integrated environment
  • Support line-of-business development
  • Receive the MSDN Subscription level for Visual Studio Professional
PT C rgb dk VSPro2013MSDN