Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Effective team collaboration that removes barriers between roles

Extend the software development process to business stakeholders, operations, and end users, so that every aspect of the lifecycle is connected and traceable by connecting the development team. Facilitate cross-team activities such as code reviews, code annotation, stakeholder feedback, and lightweight requirements definition. Real-time communication among team members is captured in Team Rooms so it can be reviewed and referenced later.

Streamline collaboration

Team Rooms

  • Communicate with all of your team members in a common chat space to resolve issues and get answers to questions in the context of the project 
  • View real-time updates of project events, such as build status, work items changes, and check-ins
  • Review an archive of Team Room history to stay up to date with your team

Fast, User-Friendly Feedback

  • Shorten the end-user feedback cycle using Feedback Client
  • Provide focused, actionable responses to the team for easy triage and prioritization
  • Reduce friction by making traceable feedback requests

Code Reviews

  • Receive feedback from your peers about code changes before checking them in
  • Review and execute code without affecting your work space
  • Support mentoring and pairing without slowing down experienced developers—even across global locations

PowerPoint Storyboards

  • Quickly mock up user interfaces and create effective storyboards with PowerPoint using dozens of pre-built shapes
  • Animate mock-ups to simulate user interaction
  • Link to requirement work items to provide additional context
  • Build custom shapes to meet your project requirements

Version Control

Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC)

  • Work both online and offline with a centralized version control system
  • Support thousands of developers inside a single repository with advanced branching, merging and visualization capabilities
  • Manage permissions at any level to restrict access to your source code
  • Fully audited version control supports regulatory compliance needs
  • Use the OpsHub TFS to Visual Studio Online Migration Utility to move your source code and history to Visual Studio Online

Git Based Repositories

  • Work the way you want with full-fidelity Git version control
  • Associate requirements, bugs, and tasks with Git commits for complete traceability
  • Support for distributed version control with all the capabilities of TFS
  • Include remote and cross platform teams

Enabling Team Collaboration using Team Room

In Team Foundation Server 2013 team collaboration is made easier with the introduction of a new web-based tool called Team Room. In this video Justin Marks shows how Team Room enables teams of all sizes to work better together and improve their ability to communicate through persistent chat and activity feeds of your TFS artifacts

Collaborating on changesets or Git commits using Code Comments

Communicating with a team on changes to source code has been made easier with the new Team Foundation Server capabilities for comments on changesets or Git commits. In this video, Martin Woodward shows how this new capability can be used from the Web Access interface to foster collaboration and how it can be extended back into work items with ease

Find team collaboration features in Visual Studio

Ultimate 2013 with MSDN

Created for enterprise-class development, Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN helps your team handle demanding requirements like high availability, performance, scale, and complexity.

  • Quickly get the information you need, in context
  • Use IntelliTrace for historical debugging, even in production
  • Test to ensure scalability and performance in production
  • Visualize the structure of an application with UML diagrams
  • Describe and enforce architectural dependencies
  • Use tools to understand the relationships in existing code
  • Receive the MSDN Subscription level for Visual Studio Ultimate
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Premium 2013 with MSDN

Designed for efficient team development, Visual Studio Premium with MSDN lets you adopt agile practices at your own pace, so your team can accomplish more, faster.

  • Collaborate and archive your team’s collective knowledge with Team Room
  • Deliver value regularly and predictably
  • Visualize your team’s progress
  • Use Agile Portfolio Management
  • Use test tools for a variety of testing styles
  • Receive the MSDN Subscription level for Visual Studio Premium
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