Testing Tools and Services

Accelerate high quality software delivery

  • Performance and load testing for any app, anywhere
  • Continuous testing in DevOps
  • Extensible automated test platform for any app, any framework
  • Manual and exploratory testing simplified
  • User acceptance testing integrated into your development process
  • Seamless functional testing with coded UI and Selenium
Testing Tools and Services
Load testing – on premises, in the cloud

Load testing – on premises, in the cloud

Any app, anywhere

Performance testing for your application is made easier with tools for Visual Studio. Scale your tests to hundreds of thousands of concurrent users and generate load from multiple regions worldwide. Now you can understand and fix performance issues before they impact your business.

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Continuous testing in DevOps

Test early, test often, release with confidence

You choose the technologies and frameworks, then test your changes continuously in a fast, scalable, and efficient manner. Whether your app is on-premises or in the cloud, you can automate build-deploy-test workflows. But it’s not just about speed—detailed and customizable test results measure the quality of your app.

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Continuous Testing in DevOps
Manual Testing

Manual testing

Plan, execute, track

Get end-to-end traceability across all artifacts. Run tests and log defects from your browser or use the Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) client. Track and assess quality throughout your testing lifecycle.

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Test case management

Exploratory testing

Explore and report rich defects

Explore user stories without test cases or test steps. You can create test cases directly from your exploratory test sessions. Log rich and actionable defects.

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Exploratory Testing
User acceptance testing

User acceptance testing

Integrate user acceptance testers

Leverage the same test tools across your quality engineers and user acceptance testing groups. Assign pre-defined test cases to your user acceptance testers. Pay for the tools only when you need them.

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Unit testing and IDE

Improve coverage, avoid regressions

IntelliTest dramatically reduces the effort to create and maintain unit tests for new or existing code. Coded UI tests automate UI testing across a variety of technologies, including XAML-based Windows Store apps, browser apps, and SharePoint apps. Use rich isolation frameworks (Fakes) and code coverage integration for both unit tests and coded UI tests.

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Unit testing and IDE


What is Visual Studio Team Services?

Cloud services for development teams to collaborate and manage software projects.

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