Testing Tools

Testing Tools

Enabling high quality software through testing tools & services

Visual Studio provides testing tools that help you adopt testing practices such as manual, automated, exploratory, and load testing. These testing tools capture insightful information that is provided to the developer in context, within the development environment, so bugs are easier to reproduce and quality can be assured throughout the development process. In addition, testers can be more productive planning, executing and tracking tests, both with the web-based test management tool or the rich experience provided by Microsoft Test Manager.

Test Manager

Exploratory Testing

  • Automatically generate test cases from exploratory tests to ensure repeatability
  • Explore specific project requirements and link results
  • Record exploratory test actions with screen and voice capture to improve reproducibility of submitted bugs
  • Create multiple data-rich bugs in a single exploratory test

Automated Tests

  • Import automated test projects from Visual Studio solutions to create managed test cases that are linked to requirements 
  • Run automated test cases and collect test results in Microsoft Test Manager

Test Plan Management

  • Clone or copy test plans, test suites and test cases to ease test plan management 
  • Create and manage multiple testing configurations to ensure testing coverage  
  • View up to date test plan, test run and test case status directly from the Microsoft Test Manager 

Advanced Testing Features

  • Comprehensive diagnostic data collectors can be deployed to the tested machines to gather everything from event logs to videos 
  • Integrate with the existing build framework to run automated tests during scheduled builds 
  • Rich data is automatically attached to created bugs to dramatically enhance debugging success 
  • Collect IntelliTrace data during a test session, so developers can easily identify the issue from Visual Studio 

Web-Based Support  

Test Management

  • Use the web interface to create new test plans
  • Create new and manage existing static, query-based and requirement-based suites
  • Edit and add multiple test cases in a grid view
  • Update test case status without using the test runner
  • Bulk assign testers to specific test cases and test configurations

Test Runner

  • Run all active tests in a plan or suite with a single click
  • Improve test case maintenance by editing test cases in flight
  • Easily attach comments and screen shots to test runs and bugs to provide additional context
  • Link bugs and test cases to automatically run the correct test case when validating bug resolution

Web Performance and Load Testing

Web Performance Testing

  • Create web tests without writing code using the Web Performance Test Recorder
  • Edit recorded tests to tailor to specific needs
  • Simplify JavaScript interaction by automatically promoting dynamic parameters to editable web test parameters
  • Aggregate existing web tests to create effective load tests

Cloud and On-Premises Load Testing

  • Simplify load testing of web-accessible applications by using the infrastructure provided by Visual Studio Online
  • Validate performance, scale and reliability of your server applications
  • Rich reporting of load test results along with visual comparisons to prior load test runs
  • Dynamic real-time load scaling to ensure sufficient system stress

Automated Testing

Coded UI Test

  • Reduce the burden of manual regression testing by using the Coded UI test framework to automate UI tests
  • Coded UI tests now support a variety of technologies, including XAML-based Windows Store apps, IE 11 and SharePoint 2013, in addition to the large suite of previously supported technologies
  • Configurable search properties for coded UI tests on the browser
  • Coded UI tests now provide logging support for cross-browser tests, making it easier to understand different behaviors across browsers

Code coverage

  • The amount of actual code executed during a test run is available for both unit and coded UI tests
  • Measure the completeness of your testing strategy by determining the amount of product code covered by automated test runs

Extensible Unit Test framework

  • Visual Studio 2013 provides unit test frameworks for both managed and native code
  • Run select unit test and view their results immediately using the new Test Explorer window  
  • To simplify unit testing legacy code, use the Microsoft Fakes isolation framework to create substitute classes and methods for the code under test

Creating Quality Applications using Microsoft Application Lifecycle Tools

With Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2013 Microsoft enables developers with powerful tooling for application lifecycle management (ALM) to foster teamwork and collaboration. In this video, Brian Keller shows how developers and testers can both take advantage of these capabilities, all while working together to deliver their organizations goals

Find testing tools features in Visual Studio

Test Professional 2015

Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN integrates testers, product managers, and other stakeholders directly into the development process.
  • Conduct, record, and repeat manual tests
  • Use Test Case Management
  • Deliver value regularly and predictably
  • Create and manage lab environments
  • Capture requirements from the business team
  • Integrate the customer view
  • Receive the MSDN Subscription level for Visual Studio Test Professional
Test Professional 2015