DevOps and Application Lifecycle Management

Collaborating to deliver faster

Your customers want more from your app, they want it now, and you need to deliver it. Whether you work in the cloud, on-premises, or in between, or whether you use iOS, Android, Java, Linux or Windows, with Visual Studio and Azure you have a comprehensive set of DevOps tools for your team to collaborate and deliver apps faster.

DevOps & Application Lifecycle Management
Continuous delivery

Continuous delivery

Automated release pipelines

From continuous integration to continuous delivery, create automated builds and repeatable workflows to keep code quality, get development to match production, and deploy seamlessly. Use the built- in version control or build system, or use your own and easily integrate releasing applications to production and operations faster, more often, and with less risk. Audit progress of your application at every stage of the release pipeline with full traceability.

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Agile planning

Tools for your entire team

Plan and monitor all your team’s work—including operational issues—using built-in Kanban boards. Track work in progress to ensure you have a streamlined channel from idea to delivery.

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Continuous testing 

Continuous testing

Automated testing during release

Run automated unit, functional, and load tests in the cloud or in your environments with a simple task. Get test reports at the level of detail you want—from summaries to test results. Run load tests on-premises or use the scalability of the public cloud to address performance issues early in your development process.

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Real-time analytics

Learn from your customers

Track application health alongside usage metrics and application crash analytics. Get powerful dashboards where you can filter for different views and levels of detail—from segmenting data to drilling down to an event.

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Real-time application analytics 
Any app,any language

Any app, any language

Support for any technology

Team members can work together no matter what technology, language, or operating system they use. Use Eclipse, xCode or command- line tools. Build Java, iOS, or Linux applications. You can use Visual Studio Team Services or Team Foundation server to enable transparency and collaboration across your whole team.

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DevOps for Mobile

Continuous deployment and feedback for mobile apps

Bring the efficiency of your DevOps workflow to your mobile apps with Visual Studio Team Services and HockeyApp. Enable continuous integration and deployment in Visual Studio Team Services to publish your app to HockeyApp where beta testers will have immediate access. Get feedback and crash reports from HockeyApp in Visual Studio Team Services as work items – no copy/paste needed.

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DevOps for Mobile 
Open and extenisble

Open and extensible

Create your perfect dev environment

Assemble your favorite tools and integrate with Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server with industry standard RESTful APIs. Connect your own build tasks, services or apps running on any device, platform or technology stack including Windows, Android iOS, Node.js, and more.

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Bing’s Continuous Delivery

The Bing engineering team has been on a transformation journey to enable every engineer to try out new experiments quickly in production. Watch video

Our DevOps Journey

Across Microsoft and particularly within the Cloud + Enterprise engineering group, we have been focusing on shipping software more frequently. Watch video


Visual Studio Enterprise

Streamline the workflow between development and IT Ops and deliver higher-quality software, more frequently. The state-of-the-art DevOps features in Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise shorten your development cycles and close the loop between development and production so you can turn ideas into great applications optimized for today’s business and ready for tomorrow’s challenges.


What is Visual Studio Team Services?

Cloud services for development teams to collaborate and manage software projects.

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