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Build your Visual Studio projects

Define the build process

Build your code automatically every time you check it in to catch problems early.

  1. If you haven't already, upload your code to TFVC or GIT.

  2. Create the build definition.

    Build tab

    New Visual Studio build

  3. Select the continuous integration (CI) trigger and specify the code you want to build

    CI trigger

  4. Save the definition.

    Save button

    Save dialog box

  5. Queue your new definition to make sure it works.

    Queue the build

    Completed build

You've created your first Visual Studio build in the cloud! Since this is a CI build, a build is started every time you push a commit to one of the branches specified on the Triggers tab.

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Q & A

Q: Can I set up gated builds?

Improve code quality with branch policies with an option to require that code builds before it can be merged to a branch.

Q: Where can I learn about more options to define my builds?

Build your Visual Studio solution