Application Insights for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and other platforms

Application Insights is in Preview.

Visual Studio Application Insights lets you monitor your mobile application for usage, events, and crashes.

What does it do?

  • Performance trends aggregated from all devices that use your app
  • Crash reporting and analysis
  • Usage data out of the box - user, session and page view counts, device, OS, and location
  • Track usage patterns to assess each feature of your app
  • Correlate telemetry from devices and server

How does it work?

  • Telemetry data is buffered in the devices, sent to the Application Insights portal at low-impact times, and aggregated in the portal.
  • You can search the raw data in Diagnostic Search, and see aggregated statistics in Metric Explorer.

Get started

You'll need a subscription to Microsoft Azure.

The procedure depends on the target platform and the IDE that you are using: