Add members to your team project in Visual Studio Team Services

Now you have a team project, you can add team members to that project, so you can share your work with them. You can all work on the same code, create backlog items and bugs, track the team status, and more.

  1. If you're not signed in to your Team Services account (, sign in now.

  2. On your account overview page, select your team project. To find your team project, use Browse.

    On your account overview page, click your team project

  3. Manage team members from the team project home page.

    On your team project home page, click Manage

  4. Add users to your team.

    Open the Add list. Click Add, Add user

    Use their sign-in addresses or display names. Add them one at a time or all at the same time.

    Your team must sign in with Microsoft accounts unless your Visual Studio Team Services account uses a directory to control access. If it does, users must be directory members to get access. How do I find out whether my account uses a directory?

    If you have directory administrator access, you can add usrs to the directory. If not, work with the directory administrator to add users. Find out more about controlling access with a directory.

    Add your users' sign-in addresses or display names

    Now these users are members of your team. Each team member gets an invitation email that links to your Visual Studio Team Services account. They can use this link to sign in and access the team project.

    Added users now appear as team members

    First-time users who sign in to Visual Studio Team Services might be asked for extra details to personalize their experience.

    Enter Visual Studio profile details

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Q: Why can't I add more team members to my Visual Studio Team Services account?

A: Each new member gets the next available access level. After all 5 free Basic access levels are assigned, you have to pay for more users or add more Visual Studio/MSDN subscribers. Learn more about assigning access when you add users.

Q: Why can't some users sign in?

A: This might happen because:

Q: How do I remove users from my Visual Studio Team Services account?

A: Follow these steps to delete users across all team projects in your account. If you paid for more users, but don't need their account access anymore, you must reduce your paid users to avoid charges.