Change account ownership

Changing roles and responsibilities in your group might require that you change the overall account ownership to a different person. There are certain actions that only the account owner can perform, so you should make sure to keep account ownership up-to-date. Many people can contribute to projects, but there is only one owner for an account.

Find the account owner

  1. Sign in to

  2. Go to the account's control panel.

    Go to account control panel

  3. Review the settings information to determine the current account owner.

    Go to settings

Change the account owner

  1. Make sure that the person you want to assign as the new owner has a Microsoft account or a work account managed by Azure, is a member of your project, and has signed in to at least once beforehand. Otherwise, you won't see them in the potential account owners list.

  2. Sign in as the current owner to Only the current owner or a project collection administrator can assign another owner to the account.

  3. Go to your Visual Studio Online account control panel.

    Go to account control panel

  4. Review security to see if the new owner is a project collection administrator.

    Manage collection security and group membership

    If not, add the new owner's account to that group.

    Add new owner to project collection administrators

  5. Go back to the control panel settings.

    Go back to control panel settings

  6. Select the new owner, then save your changes.

    Select new owner then save changes

    Your account is no longer the account owner. The new account owner now has those responsibilities and permissions.


Q: Can I reverse the account owner change?

A: Yes, if you are a project collection administrator. Only the account owner or a project collection administrator can change the account owner.

Q: Why did you ask for extra information when I signed in?

A: If our Terms of Service have changed since you last signed in, you might be asked to agree and confirm that your information is up to date.

Q: Can I change the account URL as well as the account owner?

A: Only account owners can change the URL. If you're the account owner, find out how to change the account URL here.

Q: What happens if I'm the account owner and I forget my password?

A: You can recover your Microsoft account or password here.

Q: What makes the account owner different than other account users?

A: The account owner manages payments and licenses for account users. They should also be the same person who manages billing for the account through the Microsoft Azure Management Portal.

Account owners also have permissions to perform these tasks:

  • Manage user licenses
  • Get more build or load testing capacity
  • Rename the account URL
  • Change the account ownership

In contrast, project collection administrators can manage user licenses and change the account ownership, but they can't rename the account URL.

Want to know more about licensing? Learn more about pricing, or how to set up billing for your account.