Connect to Visual Studio Online

After you create a Visual Studio Online account, create your first team project to store your code.

Before you start:

Create your first team project

  1. If you're not signed in to your Visual Studio Online account (http://{youraccount}, sign in now.

  2. Name your project. Select a process template to manage your work. Then choose your version control provider.

    Create your first team project

    Q: Which process template should I choose? A: See Work with team project artifacts, choose a process template.

    Q: Which version control should I choose? A:

    • Choose Git to work in a decentralized version control system that provides lightweight branches and a good experience while working offline.

    • Choose Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) to work in a centralized version control system that provides a good experience even if the codebase is massive.

    • Still not sure? See Which version control system should I use?

  3. Open Visual Studio from your team project's page.

    On your team project overview page, click Open with Visual Studio

  4. The next step depends on the kind of team project you created:


Q: How do I connect Xcode or Eclipse to Visual Studio Online?

A: Find out here about how to connect Xcode or Eclipse.

Q: Why are some features not available with my account?

A: These features require a license:

You can try these features for free. Or, get licenses that give you access to these features.

Q: Why doesn't Visual Studio launch when I click "Open in Visual Studio" on my team project page?

A: This link requires Visual Studio 2013 or later. It doesn't launch earlier versions of Visual Studio.

Q: Can I use earlier versions of Visual Studio to connect to Visual Studio Online?

A: Yes, you can use Visual Studio 2012. You can also use Visual Studio 2010, but you'll need to install Service Pack 1 and KB2662296 first. Or, you can use Visual Studio 2008 SP1, with this GDR update. Launch Visual Studio, then connect to Visual Studio Online using your account URL, and select your team project.

Q: Can I create more than one team project?

A: Yes, this keeps work separate when you have development projects for different teams. To create a new team project, go to your Visual Studio Online account's Overview page.

On your Visual Studio Online home page, click New

Q: Can I delete a team project that I've created?

A: Yes, you can delete a team project that you don't use anymore.

Q: Can I edit the Welcome portal for my team project?

A: Yes, the Welcome portal is authored in a Markdown file. You can edit the Markdown file directly from your team project's Welcome portal page. For details on writing Markdown, look at John Gruber's Markdown site.