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Extend the Visual Studio IDE

Get started building your own extensions!

  • Use samples to get started
  • Create your own tools and extensions
  • Publish to the Visual Studio Marketplace

Build and iterate

Use a sample or start from scratch

Start with a sample extension on GitHub, or start from scratch with a new project template. Whenever you choose, everything is at your fingertips in Visual Studio.

Icons for popular Visual Studio extensions being added to Visual Studio.

Add tools and languages

Start small, then add extensions

Create new project types in Visual Studio to help other developers use your programming, or introduce new frameworks for existing languages. Once you’ve built a good project foundation, add tool windows, menu bars, Roslyn Analyzers, and more to make it a complete development experience.

Image of a developer holding a wrench with various Visual Studio screens.

Publish to the Visual Studio Marketplace

Build your extension and share it

Once you have built your extension, share it! Adding your extension to the Marketplace makes it available to thousands of Visual Studio users like yourself.

See what's possible by trying these tools, built with Visual Studio extensibility: Python ToolsTools for Unity, or DuoCode.

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Reach a global audience

Expand your commercial success

The Visual Studio Partner Program gives you extensive technical resources, previews of upcoming technologies, and a broad marketing reach.

And now, there is a free tier in the Partner program. Anyone can join and get the level of support that partners enjoy in that tier.

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Get Visual Studio Community 2015

  • Fully-featured integrated development environment
  • Ecosystem with thousands of extensions
  • Windows, iOS, and Android app development*
  • Web and cloud development
  • Multi-language support includes C#, C++, JavaScript, Python, and more
  • FREE for individual developers
  • FREE for open source projects, academic research, education and

*Free Microsoft extensions available for download for iOS and Android development


What is Visual Studio Team Services?

Cloud services for development teams to collaborate and manage software projects.

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