Deliver to Azure continuously

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Deploy your Windows Azure web sites or cloud services automatically whenever you check in your code.

Start with a Windows Azure web site or cloud service

  1. If you haven't already, upload your code to source control.

  2. If you don't have a Windows Azure account, sign up for the 90-day free trial of Azure.

  3. Once you've signed in to Windows Azure, create a web site.

    Windows Azure web sites page, new link

    Enter the URL for your web site.

  4. Web site, quick create, url(MySampleApp)

    Or you can create a cloud service and deploy that continuously too.

Connect the site or service to source control

  1. Open your web site dashboard in Windows Azure.

    Web sites page, MySampleApp
  2. Set up your Windows Azure web site to deploy from source control.

    Web site page, set up TFS publishing link
  3. Select the location of the source code for your web site or cloud service.

    Select the source control that you want to use
  4. You'll need to authorize the connection between your Visual Studio account and Windows Azure.

    Authorize your account

    If you're using different accounts to sign in to Windows Azure and Visual Studio, make sure the account you use with Windows Azure has administration rights in your Visual Studio account.

  5. Select your team project.

    Set up publishing, select your project

    A continuous delivery build definition has been added for your web site or cloud service.

  6. Now launch Visual Studio from the Windows Azure portal. If you're not already signed in with your Microsoft account, you'll do that here.

    Visual Studio connects to your team project when it opens.

Add your solution to the continuous delivery build

  1. Go to the builds page in Visual Studio's team explorer (Keyboard: Ctrl + 0, B).

    Go to the Builds page in Team Explorer
  2. Edit the continuous delivery build that was added.

    Build context menu, edit build definition
  3. Make sure that your solution is in the build definition. If not, add it here.

    Process tab, build process parameters, solution to build

Deploy your web site

Verify that the build process deploys the web site.

  1. Queue the build.

    Builds page in the team explorer, build context menu, queue new build
  2. You can watch the deployment process back in the Windows Azure portal as the build runs.

    Windows Azure web site deployments page, deployment history

    Each time anyone on your team checks in code for your web site or cloud service, the continuous delivery build will automatically deploy to Windows Azure.