Pricing details

The quantities shown above are examples, you can choose any number of users and you’ll only pay just for that number. Here is how we calculate pricing:

First 5 users: FREE
Users 6 through 10: $6 each
Users 11 through 100: $8 each
Users 101 through 1000: $4 each
Users 1001 and above: $2 each

Features included

All of your team members (OK, all except your free stakeholders) can use these “Basic” features in your Visual Studio Online account:

Need more info? Check out our detailed feature matrix.

Additional options

We also offer two other options, if you need additional capabilities for specific team members:

  • Professional: provides all the features above (“Basic”), plus a monthly license for Visual Studio Professional 2015 for $45 per user per month.
  • Advanced: provides all the features above (“Basic”), plus Test Management capabilities and a monthly license for Visual Studio Test Professional 2015 for $60 per user per month.

MSDN subscribers

MSDN subscribers, including those offered via the Microsoft Partner Network and the Microsoft BizSpark program for startups, have feature access to your Visual Studio Online account at either the Basic or Advanced level:

* All prices are shown in US dollars, please consult the Azure pricing calculator for local prices. New pricing shown above is for users with Visual Studio Online Basic, and is effective starting September 1, 2015. Pricing until that time is free for 5 users and then $20 per user per month for additional users.

Team add-ons (pay per use)


Run your builds on the cloud using our infrasructure

$.05 per minute for 61-1200 minutes (20 hours)
$.01 per minute for uage above 1200 minutes per month

Cloud-based Load Testing

Load test your code by simulating high traffic

$.0004 per VUM for 20,001-2 VUM
$.0002 per VUM for 2,000,001-10M VUM
$.0001 per VUM for usage above 10M VUM per month

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