Visual Studio Online Pricing

Included with your FREE account:
  • 5 FREE users
  • Unlimited FREE stakeholders
  • Unlimited FREE eligible MSDN subscribers
  • Unlimited team projects and private code repos
  • FREE work item tracking for all users
  • FREE 60 minutes/month of build
  • FREE 20K virtual user minutes/month of load testing

User Pricing

Pick the right level of access for each team member, based on the functionality they need.

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MSDN Subscribers
  • View dashboards
  • Create and edit work items
  • Task and Kanban boards
  • View and customize dashboards
  • Create and edit work items
  • Code repos
  • Manage backlogs
  • Sprint planning
  • Task and Kanban boards
  • Code comments on changesets/commits
  • Build automation (CI)
  • View portfolio backlogs
  • Web-based Test Execution
  • Create work item charts
  • Virtual team rooms
  • Edit portfolio backlogs
  • Same as
    Basic plus:
  • Monthly license for Visual Studio Professional 2013
    (or later)
  • Same as
    Basic plus:
  • Request and manage feedback
  • Web-based test case management
  • Monthly license for Visual Studio Test Professional 2015
    (or later)
  • Basic:
  • Visual Studio Professional
    with MSDN

  • Advanced:
  • Visual Studio Ultimate
    with MSDN
  • Visual Studio Premium
    with MSDN
  • MSDN Platforms

  • Visual Studio
    Test Professional
    with MSDN


unlimited stakeholders


per user, per month


per user, per month


per user, per month


unlimited MSDN subscribers

Note: All pricing displayed in US dollars. Each Visual Studio Online account includes
5 FREE users

Additional Services (Pay per use)

In Visual Studio Online, we also offer the following services. Charges are based on what you use each month account-wide.


Run your builds in the cloud using our infrastructure. Builds run on clean virtual machines and can incorporate unit tests or other checks to help you validate your apps before you send them live. Charges are based on the time it takes to run your builds, not on queuing time.

Load Testing

Perform load and performance tests from Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 or later using our infrastructure. You can simulate high traffic to your apps and see how they perform. Charges are a function of how many virtual users you specify in your test, times the duration of your test in minutes—we call these virtual user minutes (VUM).

  • $.05/minute for 61-1200 minutes (20 hours)
  • $.01/minute for usage above 1200 minutes/month
  • $.0004/VUM for 20,001-2M VUM
  • $.0002/VUM for 2,000,001-10M VUM
  • $.0001/VUM for usage above 10M VUM/month

Note: All pricing displayed in US dollars.

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