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Empower your developer team and grant them access to tools, cloud services, software, training and resources to succeed
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Manage MPSA Subscriptions
Manage Volume Licensing Subscriptions

Migrating to the new admin portal?

If you received an email that your organization is being migrated to the new admin portal, your super admin can onboard to the new portal in a few simple steps. If you’re managing subscriptions purchased via MPSA, then you’re already on the new portal and no action is needed.
A quick guide on how to onboard to the new portal
More questions? Download the FAQ
Done onboarding? Take a quick tour of the new experience
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Download the complete guide on managing your subscriptions

Are you or your subscribers facing issues?

Get help

Still using the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC)?

While you wait for your organization to be migrated to the new portal, check out the resources that’ll help you manage your subscriptions in the VLSC


Let’s get started with a short overview of Visual Studio Subscriptions and your role as a Visual Studio Subscriptions administrator.

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