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Administrator – Different Role Types

Microsoft Support KB - 4013933brief video has been published to channel 9 to help explain onboarding, and Administrator Management   Please Note:  The Visual Studio subscriptions team is working to keep information flowing through the "Subscriptions-Administration" page.  A full version of the FAQ can also be downloaded here.  We are working on new content, and those artifacts will be available soon.   How many Administrator Roles are available in the new portal? In the new Visual Studio Subscriptions portal (, there are two new role types:
  1. Super Admin
  2. Administrator
  What is the different between a Super Admin and an Administrator? When the Primary or Notices Contact signs in for the first time, they are automatically setup as a Super Admin.  A Super Admin is able to manage the Administrators by adding/removing other Super Admins or Administrators through the "Manage Administrators" tab available on the new Subscription Management Portal (  A Super Admin can also manage the user Subscriptions themselves. Administrators (previously known as Subscription Managers), are only able to manage subscriptions.  If new updates to the Administrators group is required, a Super Admin must be engaged.   How will I, as a Subscription Manager, onboard to the new portal? Your organization's Primary or Notices Contact will receive an email with a unique clickable link that will take them to a page that will allow them to sign in using with a "Work or School Account" (backed by Azure Active Directory (AAD)), or a personal Microsoft Account (MSA).  Once signed in, they will need to enter your organization's Public Customer Number (PCN) or Authorization Number to verify the agreements.  Once entered, they will be set up as a "Super Admin" with the capability to add other "Administrators".   Need Help? Our Volume Licensing team members will be able to assist you by clicking here. Alternatively, please use the "Contact Us" menu below:
  • Click "Account, Subscription and Billing Support"
  • From the available "Category" choose "Manage subscriptions for my team"
  • From the available "Category" choose "Visual Studio Subscription (formerly MSDN) - For Your Company
  • Click "Assisted Support"
  • You will be directed to the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) help page

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