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Onboarding and Migration – Explained

Microsoft Support KB - 4013929brief video has been published to channel 9 to help explain onboarding, and Administrator Management   Please Note:  The Visual Studio subscriptions team is working to keep information flowing through the "Subscriptions-Administration" page.  A full version of the FAQ can also be downloaded here.  We are working on new content, and those artifacts will be available soon.   What's Changing? Over the next few months, changes are coming to the management of Visual Studio Subscriptions (formerly MSDN).  Today, you can purchase Visual Studio subscriptions through Volume Licensing, and the subscriptions are managed within the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) portal.  A new management portal is being created and thus, these Visual Studio Subscriptions will be managed in the new portal.  The new portal will allow individual and bulk subscription assignment, tracking and filtering of subscriptions, removal of subscribers, and subsequent reassignment of subscriptions, among other features.  The new Visual Studio Administration Portal will be located at: Note:  If you have a Visual Studio Cloud subscription (Monthly or Annual), those are managed at:   Why is it changing? To optimize the experience of Visual Studio Subscriptions management and create a single experience managing Visual Studio Subscriptions, regardless of purchasing channel.  The new portal will be easier to navigate, increasing administrator efficiency.   Who will it impact? It will impact all customers who have active Volume Licensing agreements and having purchased Visual Studio Subscriptions through the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC)   When is it changing?

This is a massive project and it will be done in phases.  We will start with a small group of customer agreements and add more weekly, until all customers with active Volume Licensing agreements, with Visual Studio Subscriptions, are migrated over to the new management portal.  This will take a few months  The migration timeline is currently being worked on and we will notify our Volume Licensing Customers and our field in advance of their scheduled migration week.

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