Visual Studio Team Services

Plan better, code together and ship faster.
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Visual Studio Team Services

Plan better, code together and ship faster.
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Create the perfect dev environment for your team

Code in any IDE/language and build applications for any target platform. Integrate your favorite tools from the marketplace.

Stay connected from idea to release

Track and manage all your great ideas on kanban or scrum boards with agile tools. Collaborate as they turn into code with unlimited Git or TFVC repos. And delight your customers with every deployment using hosted builds and automated release pipelines.
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Improve code quality and catch issues early

Get social with powerful code reviews. Test and build each commit before you merge your code. Raise the quality bar every time you ship with manual, unit, exploratory, performance and load testing.

Automate and simplify your Azure deployments

Use built-in tasks and templates to set up CI and CD to an Azure web app, VM, container, Xamarin Test Cloud, HockeyApp and more. Building apps for the cloud and mobile devices has never been easier.

Increase productivity with powerful features


Gartner recognizes Microsoft leadership for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools

Gartner recognized Microsoft as a Leader in the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools, based on its ability to execute and completeness of vision. According to Gartner, Leaders in this market have shown a combination of strong vision either in leading agile thought or the combination of agile with developer collaboration and DevOps.

Security, reliability and automatic updates – with Enterprise scale

Create projects in local datacenters around the world, backed by a 99.9% SLA and 24×7 support. Experience new features as they’re released, every 3 weeks.

Expand VSTS functionality with extensions

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Octopus Deploy Build and Release Tasks
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Github Integration
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Tower Git Client
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Slack Integration
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Team up and join the growing community of VSTS innovators

VSTS provides an end to end solution for us, from the inception of an idea in the pub as you write on the back of a beer mat…until we build out our solution and deploy it into a whole heterogeneous area
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Branches sync 500 percent faster. Builds are 400 percent faster, with the typically six-hour process reduced to 90 minutes. We (now have) a highly streamlined process that operates with a one-button deployment
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Migrate from TFS to VSTS

Follow the step by step migration guide to import your entire TFS database so your team can always be on the latest version in VSTS and take advantage of the many developer services available with VSTS.

Learn about DevOps

Through theory and implementation of DevOps

Learn Git

Learn Git with tutorials and best practices

Learn about Agile

Your guide through the theory and application of Agile

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