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“Instead of telling people to wait for 6 months for a new feature, we can give it to them in a few weeks…Our 2800 worldwide developers can use the same backlog, user stories and tests whether they’re on Windows or Linux… building for iOS or Android.” 
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“With Xamarin and Visual Studio Team Services, we were able to enable the mobile moment, so we can put the right information at the right time and the right context to our customers and employee.” 
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“We moved from month long deployment cycles to daily deployments… to 6 data centers worldwide…We (now) see 4,000 change lists a week, at check-in we run 20K tests and the check-in experience takes about 10 mins.” 
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“Team Services enables us to bring developers into a Humanitarian Toolbox project without significant configuration and set up times…they see the sprint planning and can trace those work items back to requirements.” 
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“Branches sync 500 percent faster. Builds are 400 percent faster, with the typically six-hour process reduced to 90 minutes. We (now have) a highly streamlined process that operates with a few button clicks—and one-button deployment.” 
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“Team Services provides an end to end solution for us, from the inception of an idea in the pub as you write on the back of a beer mat…until we build out our solution and deploy it into a whole heterogeneous area.” 
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“Team Services enabled us to focus our time entirely on the implementation, execution and analysis of a complex test suite without the friction of setting up and managing a test lab.” 
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“One of our projects… now running 2 test environments and 18 servers in the cloud that they can spin up or shut down whenever they want, and it costs around €500 a month. That’s an 80 percent cost reduction” 
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“Team Services allows us… for all new development and ongoing maintenance work…to be more nimble and share projects more easily among our staff worldwide; and it integrates well with our Git repositories.” 
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“Team Services has helped us embed a number of agile practices in our development methodology. And because we can deploy our solution in Azure, we now have an effective and efficient way to set up a continuous integration and delivery pipeline.” 
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“The developers actually… like Team Services because they have better time management, visual representation of their tasks, and how it helped them with their tracking.” 
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“Nobody had to sell us on Team Services. The benefits… are obvious for our 24/7 operation… We don’t have to spend a lot of time troubleshooting anymore… We have cut the time to resolve bugs in half.” 
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“With Team Services and .NET, I save at least 30 percent of the time it would otherwise take to manage software development. That’s hours every week that I can spend on building better solutions.” 
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“With different product groups standardizing on Team Services… there’s no barrier between what we do on a day to day to basis and our customers consuming that… we ship every 3 weeks and over time we’re going to be able to get to a point where we can ship everyday” 

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