Visual Studio Team Services Feature Comparison

Free users Team Services users
(access level: Stakeholder) (access level: Basic)
Work Item Tracking
Create and edit work items, including bugs, requirements, and tasks Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Search and query work items Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
View backlogs and boards Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Set alerts and get notified about changed work items Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Provide feedback Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Request feedback Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Agile tools (Kanban boards, backlogs, sprint planning, portfolio management) Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Create new work item tags Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Delivery Plans Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Unlimited private Git repositories Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Connect to your code using Xcode, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Android Studio, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and more Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Centralized version control with TFVC, including Code Review Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Powerful semantic code search Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Build and release
Continuous integration Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Continuous deployment with Release Management Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Approve releases Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Package Management (5 users free)
Exploratory testing Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Test Manager (purchased separately)
Web-based test execution from the Test Hub Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Add and run tests from the Kanban board Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Other features
View charts, widgets, and dashboards Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Create charts, configure widgets, and set up dashboards Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon
Need additional Team Services features? Choose free or paid extensions from the Visual Studio Marketplace, or build your own
Code Search icon
Code Search
Testing icon
Test & Feedback
Package Management icon
Package Management
Test Management icon
Test Manager
Slack brand logo
Slack Integration

Visual Studio subscribers

Add active Visual Studio subscribers for free to your Team Services account. We’ll automatically recognize them when they sign in. They won’t count against your 5 free users or as paid users.

Visual Studio subscribers can access Basic features. Some subscriptions like Visual Studio Enterprise also include features available through extensions, like Test Manager and Package Management.

If you need to access multiple Team Services accounts, for example when working on projects for different customers, then buying a Visual Studio subscription can be an attractive alternative to paying for those users separately in each Team Services account.