Continuous Integration and Delivery

Through Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, Visual Studio Team Services can trigger a build, test and deploy sequence every time a team member commits changes to version control.
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Representation of the cycle of continuous integration. Includes logos for Java, NUnit, Maven, Git, and more.
Screenshot of CI/CD

Deliver better products with CI/CD

High-performing teams practice Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). VSTS not only automates the build, testing and deployment of your app, it gives you complete traceability to see everything in the build including changes to your code, reviews, and test results. Deliver more value to your users with more frequent deploys at higher quality.
See how with a CI/CD Quick start for ASP.NET Core, Node.js, or Java.

Deploy code from anywhere

Connect directly to any Git repository or service provider including VSTS (Git or TFVC), GitHub, BitBucket, your private repo, or Subversion. Automatically trigger your pipeline from changes to your code. Authentication is secured with the Git Credential Manager or SSH.
Deploy Code From Anywhere
Multi-platform Devices include Windows laptops, iOS Tablets, and Android phones. Symbols include .NET, Java, Xcode, and Git

Deploy to any platform or device

On-premises, or in the Cloud

Build and deploy your app on Windows, Linux, Android, or iOS, from Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, C++ and dozens of other languages. Hundreds of tasks are readily available in the graphical editor, including build runners like Ant, Maven, Gradle, msbuild and test frameworks like JUnit, NUnit, xUnit, MSTest, and Jasmine.

Setup a pipeline to Azure in minutes

If you’re writing Azure Web Apps, you can setup your pipeline from the Azure portal. Have an automated pipeline ready to go in just 10 minutes.
Set up your release with built in tasks for Azure and Azure Stack – deploy to websites, Docker containers, virtual machines, and more.
Learn more about deploying Java, ASP.NET, and Node.js to Azure Web apps.
Seamless Startup From Azure
Orchestrate Deployments

Orchestrate deployments across environments

Manual or automated gates for approval workflows

You can now orchestrate deployments across multiple targets, perform rolling updates while ensuring high availability of the application

End-to-end traceability

Permanent audit trails

Track the status of releases and deployments including commits and work items in each environment. Compile release notes in a jiffy!

Extend and customize

Create your own workflows

Don’t see a task for your use case? Find it on the Visual Studio Marketplace or just build your own.

Use the cloud service

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