Continuous Integration

Visual Studio Team Services simplifies continuous integration for your applications for all platforms and all languages.
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Representation of the cycle of continuous integration. Includes logos for Java, NUnit, Maven, Git, and more.
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Link builds to test results, work items, code, and releases

Wondering if a bug was fixed in this build? By associating work items to code, the work items are listed in the build summary along with code changes and test results.

Hosted build agents

No installation required

VSTS provides hosted build agents to start building your projects immediately, as well as a flexible build system that allows you to install your own agents. Every account gets 1 free agent, including 4 hours of build per month.
Screenshot of Hosted build agents
Multi-platform Devices include Windows laptops, iOS Tablets, and Android phones. Symbols include .NET, Java, Xcode, and Git


Build natively on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Build Xcode, Android, iOS, Java, .NET, and other types of applications using our Windows or multi-platform agent.

Enterprise readiness

Security, pool, and queue management

Manage access to your builds by defining groups and granting permissions for viewing, editing, creating, and queuing builds. Manage and share build resources across projects. Control access to build resources (pools and queues). Audit changes to your builds.
Enterprise readiness
Continuous integration lifecycle represented with symbols

Continuous integration

Automated builds for any application

Create and manage build processes that automatically compile and test your applications in the cloud or on premises, either on demand or as part of an automated continuous integration strategy. Build your TFVC, Git, and GitHub projects from a gallery of reusable open source and extensible build tasks that support Ant, Maven, Gradle, etc., and run JUnit, NUnit, xUnit, MSTest, Jasmine, and other types of test frameworks.
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View historical changes and output logs

Audit and compare the changes of your build definitions over time. View agent output logs in real-time as the build is running and download for deeper analysis.
Icons representing Diagnostic Reports and Tools
Screenshot of Continuous deployment Definition Templates for Azure Cloud Services and Azure Website

Continuous deployment

Build, test, deploy

Use deployment templates to deploy your projects to on premises, hybrid, or cloud (Azure, AWS, Google, etc.) environments.
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