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Whether your teams develop in Java, .NET or in multiple languages, Visual Studio Team Services offers an open, cloud-hosted development hub. Bridge your process gaps to plan, code in your favorite IDE(s), collaborate, build, test, and deploy applications more efficiently.

Faster, better

Speed up your Java development

Access your tools from anywhere—from your browser or your favorite IDE, at work or on the go. Get up and running easily, get stakeholder feedback early and use the cloud to build quickly. Use work item charts to remove bottlenecks and empower your teams to iterate rapidly.

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Adaptable and open

Integrate your favorite tools

Visual Studio Team Services fits right into your Java workflow—you can use popular IDEs such as Eclipse, build technologies such as Ant, Maven, or Gradle, source control systems such as Git and community integration with tools such as Jenkins so that you can work the way you like.
Need more? Use our open REST APIs to integrate your apps.


Work and code together

Use pull requests to review code and collaborate with members of your team. Finally, configure merge, build, and review policies for your Git branches and stay up-to-date with alerts. Triage and track comments at each stage of the work to ensure no feedback gets lost.

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Build, measure, learn

Unlock agility and actionable insights

Leverage Agile planning and management features to more efficiently plan, execute and measure work at all stages of the software life cycle. Understand exactly what’s going on in your deployed application—errors, performance and usage—then make adjustments and measure the results of your improvements.
Get a 360 degree view of your application using Application Insights.

Continuous Deployment

while (true) { build(); deploy(); }

Build on the cloud easily using the hosted build controller with pre-installed Ant and Maven libraries. Optimize your software development and publish your application faster by leveraging the cloud for continuous integration and continuous deployment.
Leverage Microsoft Azure’s Java services to deliver cloud-ready applications.

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