Package Management for NuGet and npm

Create, host, and share packages with your team
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Move your packages to the cloud

Fully-managed package hosting

You no longer need to manage legacy on-prem file shares or host private package servers. We’ll host, index, and manage your packages seamlessly in the cloud right alongside your source code, builds, and releases.
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Best-in-class NuGet server

Packages at enterprise scale

Create scalable .NET apps, frameworks, and microservices using NuGet packages. Stay on the forefront of .NET and .NET Core development with support for the latest NuGet updates.



Private npm registry

Create and share private npm packages with a hosted npm registry. Proxy and cache packages from so you can make private packages without using scopes.

Deliver packages in every build

Package continuous integration and delivery

Pack and publish packages to Package Management and to and Automatically version your packages alongside your builds. Use release views to communicate package quality.
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Protect and share your packages

Organize your packages into feeds and control who can access them with simple permissions. Keep your packages together with npm and NuGet packages in the same feed.

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