Visual Studio Team Services Pricing

Free to start, grows with your team

Small teams

No credit card needed
  • 5 Users
    Plus unlimited users who are Visual Studio Subscribers
    and unlimited users who are Stakeholders
  • Including shared services for your team

Growing teams


  • Plus unlimited users who are Visual Studio Subscribers
    and unlimited users who are Stakeholders
  • Including shared services for your team

See Azure pricing calculator for other amounts and currencies


Visual Studio subscribers and Team Services users

These users have Basic access by default i.e. they can use all core features minus paid extensions. Ideal for developers.

Who is a Visual Studio subscriber?    See all features

Stakeholders – users who only use work items and boards

These users have Stakeholder access i.e. can use agile tools, request and manage feedback. Ideal for product/project managers.

Compare Stakeholder vs. Basic access    Learn how to manage users


Shared services

Services that are shared among the users in the account. You get free quantities every month.

Build and deployment

Author, queue, and monitor cross-platform builds using hosted agents (on the cloud) or private agents (on your server, allowing you to install custom software).

Learn more

Performance/Load testing

Create load tests in Visual Studio and run them on Team Services. Load tests are measured and billed in virtual user minutes: the number of virtual users times the number of minutes that you configure for the load test run.

Learn more

Shared services pricing

Build and deployment (cloud)

How many hosted agents would you like?

Hosted agents are builds and deployments machines running on Azure. Compute costs included.
First agent with 4 build hours/month free, $40 per agent thereafter.


Hosted Build Agents

  • 1 free Agent, 1 x concurrency
  • 240 minutes / month
  • 30 minutes max / job

Build and deployment (your server)

How many private agents would you like?

Private agents are our images that you can customize and install on your infrastructure.
First agent free, $15 per agent thereafter.


Private Build Agents

  • 1 Agent, 1 x concurrency
  • Unlimited minutes / month
  • Unlimited minutes / job

Performance/Load testing

How many virtual user minutes for cloud-based performance/load testing would you like?

Load test your code by simulating high traffic.
First 20,000 virtual user minutes (VUM) per month free
$.0004 per VUM for 20,001-2M VUM
$.0002 per VUM for 2,000,001-10M VUM
$.0001 per VUM for usage above 10M VUM per month.


Load Testing Minutes

  • 20,000 virtual user minutes

See Azure pricing calculator for higher amounts and other currencies

Team Foundation Server included

A Team Foundation Server 2015 user client access license is granted for each Team Services paid user. This enables you to purchase access to Team Foundation Server for your team on a month-to-month basis, rather than purchasing client access licenses for 2 or 3 years at a time.

Learn more about Team Foundation Server

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