Release Management

Continuous deployment for your applications – ship faster, ship often
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Release summary in Team Services

Automate deployments

Set up continuous delivery

Get faster time to market and respond with greater agility to customer feedback. Design and automate release pipelines across your environments to any target platform.

From idea to Azure – faster

Seamlessly manage Azure environments

Setup your release with built in tasks for Azure and Azure Stack– deploy to websites, Docker containers, virtual machines, and more.

Screenshot of built in tasks for Azure and Azure Stack

Selenium tests in Visual Studio Team Services

Ship with confidence

Raise the quality bar with every release

Configure tasks for all of your release check points – performance, A/B, functional, security, beta testing and more. No more release day nightmares.

Orchestrate deployments across targets

Manual or automated gates for approval workflows

You can now orchestrate  deployments across multiple targets, perform rolling updates while ensuring high availability of the application

Screenshot of Assign Approvers for Production Enviornment

Get control of your deployments

Manual or automated gates for approval workflows

Enable sign-off for deployments using pre or post deployment approvals. Automatic notifications ensure collaboration and release visibility among team members.

End-to-end traceability

Permanent audit trails

Track the status of releases and deployments including commits and work items in each environment. Compile release notes in a jiffy!

Screenshot of Visual Studio Release Management Work Items

Extend and customize

Create your own workflows

Don’t see a task for your use case? Find it on the Visual Studio Marketplace or just build your own!

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