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Why can’t I purchase? I’m an Azure subscription admin

If you see this message when you try to purchase… VSTS Azure message
1. First, you must have access to the Azure subscription that the account is linked to for billing
To check if you do, log in to the Azure portal and check to see if the subscription ID listed above is one that you can access. If it’s not, you’ll need to find out who is an admin at your company and ask them to grant you permission.
2. A second, and much less common scenario can occur in for some users. To check if this applies to you, follow these steps: A) Check to see if your account is not backed by Azure Active Directory. Go to https://<youraccount> VSTS Azure directory
B) Login to and see if you’re prompted to select an account and if you need to select “Work or school account” in order to see your Azure subscription. VSTS Azure portal If both of these are true, then you’re in a confusing situation. Your VSTS account uses Microsoft accounts to login, but you have access to your Azure subscription as an AAD user. Both logins have the same email address, but they're effectively different users. To purchase, you need a Microsoft account that has access to your account AND your Azure subscription. You could use one you already have or create a new one. Here are the steps to create a new Microsoft account and enable it to purchase:
A) Create a new Microsoft account:
B) Give it the subscription owner/contributor role:
E) Login with that account and you’ll be able to purchase for the VSTS account.

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