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Help me troubleshoot SSH key authentication in Team Foundation Server

Connect to your Git repos through SSH when you can't use the recommended Git Credential Managers or Personal Access Tokens to securely connect using HTTPS authentication.

How SSH key authentication works

SSH public key authentication works with a pair of generated encryption keys. The public key is shared and used to encrypt messages. The private key is kept safe and secure on your system and is used to read messages encrypted with the public key.

Set up SSH key authentication

  • Linux
  • Mac OS X running at least Leopard (10.5)
  • Windows systems running Git for Windows
Configure SSH using the command line. bash is the common shell on Linux and Mac OS X and the Git for Windows installation adds a shortcut to Git Bash in the Start Menu. Other shell environments will work, but are not covered in this article. Complete steps including troubleshooting guidance continues in "Use SSH key authentication"

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