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Complete DevOps Solution

Automate software delivery and enable collaboration between development and operations for any language, targeting any platform.

DevOps Hero

Transform your development with the Enterprise DevOps Accelerator

Graphic showing how to Continuously Deliver Value

Continuously Deliver Value

Get everything you need in a single solution including agile planning, source code control, package management, build, testing and release automation to continuously integrate, test, deliver and monitor your application. A complete DevOps toolchain to help you deploy your application faster with confidence.
Spend more time delivering value to your users instead of maintaining your tool-set.

Continuous Testing

Run unit, UI, load, and performance tests during your entire release.
With support for all the popular test frameworks including xUnit, Junit, Selenium, Jasmine, and Mocha, you can test any project type during your build and deployment, including collecting code coverage.

Graphic for Continuous Testing

Graphic showing Release Management cycle

Release Management

Manage automated deployments through each stage of your pipeline.
Deploy applications, database changes, and infrastructure to the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid cloud with test verification and approvals at every stage.

Mobile DevOps

Mobile applications can benefit from DevOps just like any other application.
With Xamarin, HockeyApp, and Cordova integration Visual Studio Team Services enables mobile DevOps for Android, iOS and Windows phones.

Graphic showing mobile devices for Mobile DevOps

Any Language, Any Platform

The goals and best practices of DevOps apply to all languages.
VSTS enables DevOps for applications written in any language. Build Java on Linux, Xcode on a Mac or .NET on Windows from a single CI system.
VSTS lets you target cloud or on-premises servers running any operating system. Deploy to physical servers, virtual servers, containers or mobile devices.

Open Ecosystem

Already using Jenkins for CI? Using Subversion or Github for version control?
VSTS supports rich integration, so you can continue using systems you’re comfortable with while also taking advantage of all the great benefits VSTS has to offer.
Use Web Hooks and REST APIs to integrate with external 3rd party systems.
Graphic Showing the Open Ecosystem, A shipping box, the globe, and logos including Gradle, Github, and Jenkins

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