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R Tools for Visual Studio

Turn Visual Studio into a powerful R development environment.

R Tools for Visual Studio

R Interactive Window

R Interactive window

Prototype at the speed of thought

Run your code directly in the Interactive window, or ctrl-enter from the Editor, or the History window to quickly see computation results or graphs. Up arrow to edit single lines or multiple-line chunks of code, as if you’re in the editor.


Understand your code

Experience useful and syntactically-correct completions. Intellisense is available in both the Editor and the R Interactive Window.

Learn more about editing in Visual Studio .

Intellisense for R

Plots - A visual gateway to your data


A visual gateway to your data

Use the powerful R libraries such as ggplot2 and ggviz to make beautiful graphs to understand your data and communicate your insights.

Variable Explorer

Understand your environment

The Variable Explorer keeps track of all the objects in your environment and supports drilling down arbitrarily deep. Click on the magnifying glass to get a tabular view of your data frames.

Variable Explorer - track of all the objects in your environment

Debug in R


Pinpoint problems quickly

The debugger lets you quickly diagnose problems in your R code using the full power of the award winning Visual Studio debugger. Debug code running locally or on a remote machine with our Remote R Services package installed.


Recall quickly

The History window tracks all your previous inputs and enables quick search, selection and execution in the R interactive window. Work with single lines or multi-line chunks of code.

History in R Interactive Window

Enhanced Interpreters for R

Enhanced interpreters

Turn on the afterburners

Install Microsoft R Open or Microsoft R Server to enjoy enhanced multi-threaded math libs, cluster scale computing, and a high performance CRAN repo with checkpoint capabilities.

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