Installing Visual Studio 2015

 Before Installing

  1. Check for updates to your operating system and apply the latest Windows Updates

    Visual Studio 2015 requires Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or newer. Please make sure that at a minimum you have Service Pack 1 installed and apply the latest Windows Updates. For more information about system requirements, please find the system requirements below.

  1. Check for disk space

    Visual Studio 2015 requires a minimum of 4GB of disk space, some of which must be installed on the primary drive. Dependent on your selection of components, the installation can grow up to 30GB.

  1. Run the installer as an Administrator

    The Visual Studio 2015 installer requires admin rights to install system packages and other dependencies.  You can find the installer in your Downloads directory named something like: vs_community_ENU_37855484.14.exe, where ENU may change to the language you’ve selected and the 8.10-digit number in the name may change from download to download).

  1. If you cannot find the installer on your system, feel free to download the installer again

Running the installer

  1. Double Click the setup file to arrive at the splash screen
  2. Choose default or customize your installation

    The default installation will start installing the product immediately, the Custom option will allow you to select which components you wish to install.

    2a. Select C++ components

    Let’s select the C++ components, but deselect the Windows XP support for C++ (saves 1GB on disk).

    2b. Custom Install Summary Page

    Provides an overview of the components that will be installed when you click “Install”

  1. User Account Control dialog – grant permission to continue the installation
  1. Wait for the installation to finish

    This custom installation took just under an hour on my system, but hardware and selected options will cause this installation time to vary – some sets of options are nearly 4x as large.

Launching Visual Studio

  1. In the start menu, find the Visual Studio icon and double click.
  2. Log into Visual Studio
  3. Select your customizations

Congratulations, you’ve installed and launched Visual Studio 2015.  If you want to jump right into a coding tutorial head over here: Build an app.

Finding Help

We’ve tried to be comprehensive with this guide, but sometimes things do not go as planned.  For support please visit our help site where you can find documentation, common error resolutions, and even chat with experts to resolve download and installation issues.