Getting Started with Visual Studio

Set up your IDE

by Nicole Bruck

Step 1: Before Installing

Let’s ensure that our machine is ready for us to install Visual Studio 2017. We’re going to need to do some updates and make some room!

  • Open Settings/Control Panel and select Windows Update
  • Check for updates and install
  • Open “My Computer” in your file explorer
  • Ensure that you have more than 30 GB available in a drive (recommended in your C:/ drive)

Step 2: Download

Now let’s go get our Visual Studio 2017 download so that we can get ready to install!

Step 3: Install

Run setup and choose to install the mobile development components. To learn more about the different components, check out Install Visual Studio 2017: Install Workloads.

Make sure no other versions of Visual Studio are running when you install Visual Studio 2017.

Step 4: Launch

You’re ready to rock and roll! Feel free to explore or get a head start with our next tutorial: Build an App.

If you’d like to get a head start, feel free to check out our next article: Build an App.