Getting Started with Visual Studio

Set up your IDE

by Nicole Bruck

Step 1: Before Installing

Let’s ensure that our machine is ready for us to install Visual Studio 2017. We’re going to need to do some updates and make some room!

  • Open Settings/Control Panel and select Windows Update
  • Check for updates and install
  • Open “My Computer” in your file explorer
  • Ensure that you have more than 7 GB available in a drive (recommended in your C:/ drive)

Step 2: Download

Now let’s go get our Visual Studio 2017 download so that we can get ready to install!

Step 3: Install

Pick which components you would like to install or use our “default install” to get the most common tools. To learn more about the different components, check out Install Visual Studio 2017: Install Workloads.

Step 4: Launch

You’re ready to rock and roll! Feel free to explore or get a head start with our next tutorial: Build an App.

If you’d like to get a head start, feel free to check out our next article: Build an App.