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Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin

Deliver native Android, iOS, and Windows apps with a single shared .NET code base.
Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin

Apps built using Xamarin look and feel native, because they are.

Android, iOS, and Windows all share a single codebase

Target all platforms

Single shared codebase for Android, iOS, and Windows

Share code everywhere. Use the same language, APIs and data structures for 75+% of app code across all mobile development platforms.

Develop on PC or Mac

World-class IDEs on your preferred OS

Use Visual Studio, a fully-featured and extensible IDE on Windows. Or, use Visual Studio for Mac, a rich IDE for macOS. Both offer UI designers, efficient code editing, debugging and publishing tools, and more.

Screenshot of Visual Studio IDE on Windows and Mac
A multitude of features and benefits with Standard or Annual Cloud subscription

Exciting benefits

Tools, cloud services, support and training

With a Visual Studio Standard or Annual Cloud subscription, you get additional features in your Visual Studio IDE, as well as benefits such as access to on-demand content from the Xamarin University curriculum, free tools and special offers, and up to $150 Azure credit each month. Members of the free Visual Studio Dev Essentials program also enjoy select content from Xamarin University.

What customers say

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“With Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin, we deliver a native app experience, so it is easy and fun to use.”


“With Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin, we can add a new feature across all devices in weeks or days. In the past, it would take us months to achieve feature parity.”