Compare Visual Studio 2017 Offerings

Visual Studio Community Visual Studio Professional Visual Studio Enterprise Visual Studio Test Professional MSDN Platforms
Individual Developers
Classroom Learning
Academic Research
Contributing to Open Source Projects
Non-enterprise organizations 1,
for up to 5 users
Live Unit Testing
IntelliTrace (Historical Debugging)
IntelliTrace Performance Indicators
Code Metrics
.NET Memory Dump Analysis
Graphics Debugging
Browser Link
Static Code Analysis
Code Map Debugger Integration
Performance and Diagnostics Hub
Windows Simulator
Windows Phone Emulator
Visual Studio Emulator for Android
Web Load & Performance Testing
Microsoft Fakes (Unit Test Isolation)
Code Coverage
Coded UI Testing
Manual Testing
Exploratory Testing
Test Case Management
Fast-forward for Manual Testing
Extensible Testing Framework
Unit Testing
Live Dependency Validation
Peek Definition
Code Clone
One-Click Web Deployment
Extensible Environment
Model Resource Viewer
JavaScript and jQuery Support
Project & Solution Compatibility with Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and Visual Studio 2012
Windows Desktop
Windows Phone and Store Apps
Universal Windows Apps
Office 365, Office, and SharePoint
Office 365 Cloud Business Apps
Business Applications
Cloud (Microsoft Azure)
SQL Server (SSDT)
Redgate Data Tools 4
Apache Cordova
C++ Cross-Platform Library Development
.NET Core
Docker Tools
Azure Stack
Share code between Android, iOS, and Windows
Native iOS and Android UI Designers
Embedded Assemblies
Live Inspection
Xamarin Profiler
Xamarin Test Recorder
Architectural Layer Diagrams
Architecture Validation
Visualize solutions with Dependency Graphs and Code Maps
Virtual environment setup & teardown
Provision environment from template
Checkpoint environment
Web-based Test Execution
Web-based Test Case Management
Agile Portfolio Management
Team (Chat) Rooms
Work Item Charting
Request and Manage Feedback
Release Management
Backlog Management
Sprint Planning
Kanban board
Agile Task boards
SharePoint integration (Team Project Portal) 7
Reporting & BI
Project and Project Server integration 8
System Center integration 9
Version Control using TFVC Repositories
Version Control using Git-based Repositories
Code comments on Changesets or Git commits
Work Item Tracking
Build Automation
Concurrent Release Management Pipeline
PowerPoint Storyboarding
Code Review
Task Suspend/Resume
Team Explorer
Team Explorer Everywhere (third-party development tools support)
Team Foundation Server license
Team Foundation Server user CAL
Can be added to unlimited Visual Studio Team Services accounts for free
Visual Studio Team Services Test Manager
Visual Studio Team Services Package Management
1 Concurrent Pipeline
Visual Studio for Mac 10
Office Professional Plus (full use rights)
Resources & Software for Dev/Test
Microsoft Azure $50 credit per month $150 credit per month $50 credit per month $100 credit per month
Power BI Pro
Enterprise Mobility + Security 11
Xamarin Test Cloud - 25% discount
Windows Developer Account
Office 365 Developer Subscription 12
Windows, Windows Server, Windows Embedded
Microsoft SQL Server, R Server
Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Dynamics
All other Microsoft software
Training & Education
Pluralsight training 13 40 courses for 12 months Full subscription for 12 months 40 courses for 12 months 40 courses for 12 months
Xamarin University On-Demand 14
Microsoft e-learning collections (per year) 1 2 1 1
MSDN Magazine (print or early digital access)
Technical support incidents 15 2 4 2 2
Priority support in MSDN Forums
Priority support in select TechNet Forums
Online Chat
Visual Studio partner offers
MODERNRequirements SmartOffice4TFS and inteGREAT4TFS 16 6-month full subscription
Parasoft - Virtualize/SOAtest Professional Desktop 17 6-month full subscription
All other Visual Studio partner offers
Visual Studio Community
Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio for Mac - Preview
Office Online - Free plan
Resources & Software for Dev/Test
Microsoft Azure $25 credit per month for 12 months
Azure App Service - Free plan
App Insights - Free plan
HockeyApp - Free plan
Microsoft SQL Server Dev Edition
Microsoft R Server Developer Edition
Training & Education
Xamarin University On-Demand
Pluralsight training 3-month full subscription
WintellectNOW training 3-month full subscription
Linux Academy 3-month full subscription
Opsgility 3-month full subscription
MSDN Magazine (digital edition)
MSDN Flash Newsletter
Visual Studio partner offers
SyncFusion 1-year license
Parallels Desktop® for Mac Pro edition 3-month subscription
Parallels® Access 3-month subscription
Priority support in select Microsoft forums


1. Enterprise organizations are defined as >250 PCs or > $1 Million US Dollars in annual revenue.
2. Includes Tier Interaction Profiling.
4. Redgate Data Tools includes ReadyRoll Core, SQL Prompt Core, and SQL Search. SQL Search is available in all editions; ReadyRoll Core and SQL Prompt Core available in Enterprise edition only.
5. Can open diagrams generated in other Visual Studio editions in read-only mode.
6. Read-Only.
7. Microsoft SharePoint Server is licensed separately.
8. Microsoft Project and Project Server are licensed separately.
9. Microsoft System Center is licensed separately.
10. Currently in Preview. No usage restrictions for Visual Studio Professional subscribers. Enterprise features available for Visual Studio Enterprise subscribers.
11. Each subscriber gets 5-seat tenant for dev/test.
12. Each subscriber gets an Office dev subscription with 25 seats for dev/test.
13. Available through November 18, 2017 or while supplies last. MPN, BizSpark, MCT, MVP, RD, MSP or Imagine subscribers do not receive Pluralsight benefit with their subscription.
14. Subscribers are able to access additional on-demand Xamarin University classes and materials beyond those included with the Dev Essentials program.
15. Not available in MPN, MCT and Sponsored subscriptions. BizSpark and Imagine Premium subscribers get 4 Technical Support incidents per subscription, Imagine Standard subscribers get 2 Technical Support incidents per subscription.
16. Includes upgrades and community support. Not available with BizSpark, Imagine or MCT subscriptions.
17. 25% discount after 6-month. More information at
18. To access free benefits, you need to sign up for Visual Studio Dev Essentials.

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