Mobile work item form

Last Update: 5/12/2017

Team Services


Feature availability: The mobile work item form is in preview and available from Team Services.

With the mobile work item form, you gain on-the-go features to stay on top of the latest updates made to work tracking. When you click any work item link on your mobile device, it will open a mobile-friendly version of the work item.

Mobile work item form

Open the mobile work item form

The mobile work item form will open when you click View work item from an email you receive from your mobile device. You'll receive this type of email under these circumstances:

  • Changes were made to a work item you're following
  • You were @mentioned in a discussion
  • A notification is sent based on the work item alerts you've set using Manage personal notifications.

    Email received in your mobile client

Mobile form controls

Mobile form controls operate as follows:

Editing any field will trigger full-screen experiences. For example, some of the most common actions such as changing the state of an item, moving to a different area path, adding an attachment, and creating/removing tags are all supported.

Update status (change State):

Mobile work item form, Change State action

Add or remove tags:

Mobile work item form, Add or remove tags

View history:

Mobile work item form, View history

Additional experiences are in the works to improve and expand on the mobile experience. For more information, see the blog post: The mobile work item form (preview).

Give us feedback

Click Send Feedback at the top of the mobile work item form to provide feedback on your experience.

Mobile work item form, Send feedback