Early Access to Visual Studio Preview

Get access to the Preview to try out the latest features and help make Visual Studio even better

For early adopters

Visual Studio Preview has the most recent code pushes and may lead to the occasional broken build

Frequent builds

New builds are available often with features, bug fixes, and other recently closed issues


Preview installs next to your stable Visual Studio IDE, allowing you to use either independently

What’s New?

Python Workload

The Python development workload in Visual Studio 2017 is designed to maximize your productivity in Python. Improved IntelliSense, web development projects, git and VSTS integration save you time and effort on everyday tasks. Use world class debugging (local, remote, cross-platform, and Python/native) and profiling tools to improve the quality and performance of your Python code.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re a Visual Studio enthusiast! You want to get your hands on the latest pre-release Visual Studio innovations, bug fixes, and platform support, and you don’t mind providing us with feedback to help make Visual Studio better.  All new tools and platform support will be first released to “Preview”.
Yes, Visual Studio and Visual Studio “Preview” can be installed side-by-side on the same device. If you are using extensions, you will need to reinstall them for each instance of Visual Studio. Note that installing both will not double the size of your Visual Studio installation because some components are shared between the two. For example, if you install the Windows SDK for both instances, the Windows SDK will be installed only once on your computer.
No, “Preview” is not licensed to build shipping apps. Like any other pre-releases of Visual Studio, it is not supported in production environments. You should install the release version for use in Production environments which you can find here: Downloads
To report bugs for any instance of Visual Studio, use “Report a Problem” from the Help menu in Visual Studio. The Visual Studio team will automatically see that you’re using “Preview”. To submit product feature or experience suggestions, use “Provide a suggestion” from the Help menu.
Visual Studio “Preview” is designed for you to get an early look at upcoming features and changes, and to provide feedback on those changes. While, Visual Studio “Preview” is not covered by Microsoft Technical Support, we encourage you to submit your feedback via Report-a-Problem, and we’ll make every effort to respond to that feedback.
If you no longer want to participate in “Preview”, you can use the Visual Studio Installer to remove it. Once you have the installer open, uninstall any instances of “Preview” by clicking on the installation menu and chose “Uninstall”. In case you have Visual Studio IDE installed side-by-side, we recommend running “Repair” on your other installation as a precaution. For more information, please see our Release Notes.
To install the release (go-live) version of Visual Studio 2017, visit: Downloads.
We strongly recommend that you choose the same edition that you currently have a license for. If you do not have an existing license, then you should consider using Community after reading the License Terms. If you have a Professional or Enterprise license already for Visual Studio, then you should choose the edition that corresponds to your license when downloading Preview.