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Navigate, write, and fix your code fast

Visual Studio enables you to write code accurately and efficiently without losing the current file context. You can easily zoom into details such as call structure, related functions, check-ins, and test status. You can also leverage our functionality to refactor, identify, and fix code issues.
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Debug, profile, and diagnose with ease

Use the Visual Studio debugger to quickly find and fix bugs across languages, locally or remotely, and with historical data of your code. Leverage the profiling tools to find and diagnose performance issues even without leaving the debugging workflow.
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Write high-quality code with comprehensive testing tools

Visual Studio test tools help you deliver high quality software. Use these tools to plan, execute, and monitor your entire testing effort. Stay on top of your test plan with quality metrics, indicators, and comprehensive test status reporting.
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Use version control, be agile, collaborate efficiently

Manage your source code in Git repos hosted by any provider, including GitHub. Or use Visual Studio Team Services to manage code alongside bugs and work items for your whole project.
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Customize Visual Studio

Expand Visual Studio functionality by taking advantage of the tools, controls, and templates available from Microsoft, our partners, and the community. Go further and customize to your liking by building your own extensions.
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