Visual Studio for Mac PREVIEW

A mobile-first, cloud-first IDE. Made for the Mac.
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Visual Studio for Mac: iPhone, desktop, and coffee cup.

Everything you need for mobile, cloud, and Mac development

Build native mobile and Mac apps in C#

With complete access to Xamarin for Visual Studio, share up to 90% of code while building native apps for iOS, Android, and macOS, and test your apps with one-click access to Xamarin Test Cloud.

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Screenshot of Visual Studio for Mac build native mobile in C#
Screenshot showing creating new app service on Azure

Build from the client to the cloud

With .NET Core and Azure connectivity, create the whole experience, from the front end to the server, in a single language.

Increase productivity

Do it all in one place, with visual designers, Intellisense code completion, intelligent refactoring, and a universal search across files, types, members, commands, and NuGets.

Screenshot showing universal search across files.
Screenshot showing NuGet and JSon

Customize your apps

Integrate with third party resources such as Git, Subversion, or hundreds of thousands of NuGet packages.




Download Visual Studio for Mac Preview