Full C and C++ IDE with Visual Studio

Use the Visual Studio IDE for your Windows or Cross-Platform C and C++ code and enjoy conformance to the latest standards, productivity and market leading performance.
Visual C++
Modern C++

Modern C++

Build apps using C++11, C++14, and C++17

Enjoy support for C++11, C++14 and many C++17 features with market leading performance, build throughput and security. Write code using the power of generic lambda expressions, resumable functions, decltype (auto), constexpr and attributes (like [noreturn]),logical operator type traits (like conjunction) and other modern features.

C++ Standards Conformance from Microsoft 

Mobile Cross-platform

Widely compatible across platforms and devices

Migrate existing C++ libraries to target Android, Linux, iOS and Windows platforms or refactor existing code to build new applications including Xamarin Android Native apps.

Android and iOS development with C++ in Visual Studio

Linux workload

C++ Linux

Develop C and C++ applications, libraries and services for Linux

You can use the full power of Visual Studio’s coding and debugging tools with your Linux C/C++ code built with GCC (or choose your own compiler). Whether you are building IoT device applications or high performance computing cloud services that run on Linux the Visual Studio IDE will help you be more productive.

Learn more about Linux development

Universal Windows apps

One platform, one store

Use your favorite language – C++, C#, VB or JavaScript – to deliver amazing apps across the broadest set of Windows devices including mobile, desktop, HoloLens, Surface Hub and Xbox.

Universal Windows Platform Development with C++

Universal Windows apps
Desktop applications with C++

Desktop applications

Reach millions of users

C++ powers some of the most popular Windows desktop applications in the world, including yours!

Get started with one of the C++ desktop project templates or extend an existing application using Modern C++ and the powerful Visual Studio IDE.

Windows desktop development with C++ in Visual Studio

C++ Gaming

Create awesome experiences

Whether you’re creating high-performance games with DirectX to run on a variety of devices in the Windows family, or building cross-platform games with one of the top game engines, such as Unity, Unreal, and Cocos, Visual Studio offers a rich development environment from coding with a fully-featured IDE to debugging with the world-class Visual Studio debugger.

DirectX game development with C++ in Visual Studio

DirectX graphics diagnostics with C++
Powerful coding

Powerful coding tools

IntelliSense, refactoring, and browsing

Visual Studio productivity with a full editing, browsing, and refactoring experience tuned for the C++ developer.

Use IntelliSense to view APIs and validate code. Quickly and easily refactor existing code, explore code definitions and navigate through files.

C++ Code Editing and Navigation in Visual Studio

Debug and diagnose

Quickly find bugs in your code

Visual Studio provides an excellent debugging experience no matter what language you use in Visual Studio. You can Break All at any time, Step Over statements, Step Into and Out of functions, Run To Cursor, Edit and Continue, set Breakpoints and get close to the hardware with Memory, Registers, and disassembly window.

Debugging and Diagnostics

Robust testing

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