Mobile App Development

Build native and cross platform mobile apps and games for iOS, Android, and Windows.
Mobile Center: Mobile devices and a cloud-based toolbox

Mobile Center Preview

Mission control for your mobile apps

Get the services and infrastructure you need to deliver five-star mobile apps. Mobile Center’s continuous integration, automated testing, distribution, and feedback capabilities help you bring high-quality cloud powered apps to market quickly and learn what your users need and want to keep them coming back for more.

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Native apps with C#

Visual Studio and Xamarin

Create rich native apps using C# across iOS, Android & Windows, while maximizing code reuse. Share code across device platforms with shared projects or portable class libraries.

With 100% of the native APIs exposed, you have full access to device capabilities.

Create apps with native user experiences and native performance with drag and drop simplicity.

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Screenshot of Solution Explorer: Native apps with C# and Xamarin
Screenshot of config.xml plugins showing Apache Cordova options

Hybrid apps with JavaScript

Build your cross-platform mobile apps using Apache Cordova

Teams with experience building web apps will quickly feel at-home building mobile apps using Visual Studio’s Tools for Apache Cordova. A single shared JavaScript API provides nearly 100% code re-use across platforms and access to native device capabilities using a familiar, concise syntax.

Set breakpoints, inspect the run-time value of objects and manipulate the HTML with integrated debugging tools for every platform.

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Native apps with C++

Cross-platform native development

Share, reuse, build, deploy, and debug your cross-platform C++ mobile code. Create projects from templates for Android Native-Activity applications, or create high-performance shared libraries to include in other solutions. You can also bring your existing C++ code to mobile platforms with minimal work. Use platform specific IntelliSense, validate code without building as you type, set breakpoints, watch variables, and deploy the application to devices (ARM, x86) and emulators alike.

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Screenshot of ShaderPlain.fsh
Screenshot of Unity game development with Visual Studio

Games with Unity

Cross-platform game development with Unity and Visual Studio

Build your 2D and 3D games with the unparalleled Unity engine in Visual Studio – create once and target over 17 platforms, including all mobile platforms, desktop, web and consoles. Debug Unity from Visual Studio with the world-class Visual Studio debugger to set breakpoints and evaluate variables and complex expressions, and leverage all the great features Visual Studio has to offer to boost your productivity.
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Emulator for Android

Fast, Hyper-V-based, rich simulations

Deploy your cross-platform apps to different Android device configurations all from Visual Studio. It works with your Cordova, Xamarin or cross-platform C++ projects. The Visual Studio Emulator for Android comes with Visual Studio 2015 when you install any of the cross-platform tools.

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Screenshot of Emulator for Android
Graphic showing Azure app options for mobile platforms

Azure app services

Mobile backend-as-a-service

Azure Mobile apps is a platform as a service (PaaS) that brings a rich set of capabilities to mobile apps. You can incorporate any of its pieces to accelerate your mobile application development. Add data storage in the cloud, enterprise or social authentication, push notifications or offline sync, all while scaling to millions of devices.

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Measure and learn from your users

Distribute your apps to testers through the web, allowing them to receive updates as they become available. Receive early feedback to make customer driven enhancements. Also gain insights from crashes to continuously improve the quality of your apps.

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Screenshot of HockeyApp with Latest Versions and Statistics
Screenshot of Add Connected Services from Microsoft or Salesforce

Connected services

Integrate your data

Leverage connected services from Microsoft and Salesforce within your mobile app using C# or JavaScript libraries. Using Visual Studio, you can easily integrate and configure authentication, Exchange mail, contacts, and appointments for your mobile app.

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Link to National Instruments video recounting their mobile app development with Visual Studio

National Instruments

National Instruments uses Xamarin to power advanced scientific industries and Legos.

Link to Hewlett Packard video recounting their Visual Studio mobile app development expereince

Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard uses Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova to rapidly build modern user experiences across multiple mobile platforms.gos.

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