Like a boss!

With Visual Studio, .NET, and Azure you get game changing diagnostics for in-production apps
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Cloud Debugger

Debug like a boss!

Production debugging your cloud has never been so simple

With automatic Snapshots, you get full visibility into the complete request that cause the error, through a cloud based experience or downloadable for an F5 experience in Visual Studio Enterprise 2017. See the complete picture with environmental and local variables, and quickly find the root cause of the issue. No more need to re-instrument and redeploy to track down exceptions.

Which way to the next error?

Tracking errors across a distributed system is now built-in

Distributed applications are nothing new, but the difficulties of finding the root cause of exceptions in a distributed system are still a challenge to solve.  Until now.  With Correlation ID’s built into Application Insights, you no longer have to manually handle tracing a transaction across multiple microservices or components, it’s now just part of the cloud.

Where’s the bottleneck?

Find the hot path that is causing your slow down

Production problems are more than just exceptions. Performance issues can cause just as much trouble as exceptions, and be just as hard to track down. Take the easy path to improving your applications performance with the Application Insights Profiler.

Visual Studio, .NET, Azure. Enough said.

Like spaceships and aliens, some things just go together

Microsoft has focused on making Visual Studio the best tool for building and debugging your .NET applications, and your .NET applications will run better and give you amazing capabilities running in Azure.  No other IDE, framework, and cloud platform combination can match the power of Visual Studio, .NET, and Azure.

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It is simple, and it is best practices

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